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20+ Security Logo Design Examples For Inspiration

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design - 7 min read

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Last updated on September 4th, 2017

Security companies provide security services to a variety of clients. But since it also is a business, these companies have to deal with a tough and competitive market environment. Many security services providers build a brand name by marketing their business carefully. When marketing their security services, the focus is primarily on creating an impressive security logo design. The logo design works as a distinctive visual identity of the business and company.

However, security logo designs are not merely a symbol to identify a company. More than that, the logo designs have in fact turned into a brand-building tool. Every wise business owner will go extra mile to create a trustworthy brand so that the target consumers repeatedly come back to the company to buy products or services. A logo helps in building a brand identity of a company and it is actually an effective way to win customer loyalty, which is so crucial for growth of a business and security business is no exception to this rule.

A professionally designed security logo has the capability to evoke a desirable emotional response from the audience. The elements such as a carefully picked color scheme, typeface, images and possibly a slogan are key elements to catch the audience’s attention toward a brand message. Thoughtfully designed logos are capable of converting the people into loyal consumers, although branding and marketing plans also must be in place for logos to work for success of a business.

When creating a logo design, professional and experienced designers go through many phases. They usually research the client’s business; profile the target consumers, pick right colors and typeface, etc elements that best convey brand attributes. Cyber security companies want to send a message that the clients can trust their services for a foolproof security of company premises and other locations.

To create impressive logos, the designers need some inspirational concepts. The concept must be unique so that the logo stands out in the crowd. Only a unique logo can draw attention of the consumers to a business. The security companies provide all types of security including social media security to clients these days. If you run a security startup, some advice on providing social media security will be useful to get from experts.

Keeping that in mind, here, we give you a list of great logo design examples from security industry. Many such companies have impressive logos with unique ideas. These logos will fire imagination of a creative logo designer. The logos will encourage you to have equally inspiring logo for your own business too.

Here Are Top 20+ Security Logo Design Examples For Inspiration

1.TFS Tower

The TFS Tower logo design is a perfect example of how a simple and effective logo should look like. To convey the business of security from fire, the designer uses red color in the letter and the trophy shape. Black represents the toughness, secrecy and strength required in conducting the security service. White depicts sincerity toward the work from the company.

TFS tower

[Case Study: TFS Tower ]

2. Securesus Technologies

The eye shape is the symbol for keeping a close watch on any adverse development and timely action. Red in the background conveys the message of alertness from the cyber security service provider and black is here the color for strength and secrecy.

securesus logo

[Case Study: Securesus Technologies]

3. ESW Emergency

Like most of the designs, this security logo design also relies on black as a color of strength and secrecy to send out the business signals to the audience.

ESW logo

[Case Study: ESW Emergency]

4.Castle Alarms

The Castle Alarms logo was designed for a burglar alarm installation company. The client wanted a bold logo that could be recognized from a distance. The logo is on the masculine side and is modern rather than classic in style. This simple but subtle design is economic in its use of colors and typeface.

castle logo

[Case Study: Castle Alarms]

5. Life Safe

This clean, simple and modern logo represents a company in the business of managing personal and family digital legacy of the clients.

Life Safe

[Case Study: Life Safe]

6. Nety Systems

The company sells security solutions to both residential and commercial customers. The logo design is simple with two dark colors and one typeface used to convey the brand message of delivering sophisticated security services.

Nety Systems

[Case Study: Nety Systems]


7. Lock Brothers

The reason for this security logo design having a white background is that the client was planning to create a website with black background. Therefore, the white color gives the much-needed contrast for quick visibility of the logo. The logo design is simple with two colors and one typeface.

Lock Brothers

[Case Study: Lock Brothers]

8. Security Express

The Security Express logo design uses only two bold colors of red and black to convey a message of toughness and trust to the clients. The straightforward strips depict the professional services of the company. This is an excellent example of a simple but effective logo design.

Security Express

[Security Express]


The Plusware logo plays with conventional security element of a lock and the plus symbol of adding something. Because of the two elements and yellow color, it successfully evokes trust and feeling of security.



10. Infosecurity Group logo

This logo design has black as a dominating background color, a lock design and some text. All these elements create a majestic design assures the clients of tight cyber security measures from the service provider.

Infosecurity Group

[Infosecurity Group]

11. Keepers

The Keepers logo is another impressive example of simplicity of design. They symbol of lion instantly brands the company’s services as trustworthy.


[Keepers ]

12.Imagine Security

The bird holds a key in this logo. They key represents the assurance of security by the service providing company. Use of black and brown colors powerfully convey the brand message of security.

Imagine Security

[Imagine Security]


The Auth0 logo design is unique in its use of 0 number, which is designed much bigger than other letters for visual effect. The star is a traditional symbol for hope and ambition while red color evokes energy and passion.



14. Palacios

The Palacios security logo design uses the conventional security symbol of a fort to depict its message of utmost safety of its client’s company premises and business.



15. Logo Strong Shield Security

The shield in the logo has been used as symbol of defense and security. The sign of a watchful eye, lines and crossed lines all give the impression of the company committed to protecting the its clients.

Strong Shield Security

[Logo Strong Shield Security]

16. Diamond Security

The Diamond Security logo design has diamond shapes which indicate to the high quality services from the company.

Diamond Security

[Diamond Security]

17. Cyber Security Group

All the four version of the Cyber Security Group logo are exemplary due to use of simple design. One color and typeface are a key to creating the desired impact on the viewers here.

Cyber Security

[Cyber Security Group]

18. Roundevelopment

In designing this logo, the designer uses the convention security symbol of a lock. One color in the background shows the confidence of the company in providing the professional security service.



19. Amyntor Tactical Solutions

The company intends to enter into firearms manufacturing and sales. The bold design of the logo represents the company’s ambitions.

Amyntor Tactical Solutions

[Amyntor Tactical Solutions ]

20. Data Security Solutions

The trophy-shaped logo design of the Data Security Solution Company has elements such as the numbers 0 and 1 representing the digital technique and industry, while the lock is the symbol of security. The message from these elements is loud and clear to the audience.

Data Security Solutions

[Data Security Solutions ]

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21. Mecha Security

This is another simple security logo design in the shape of a trophy. You can also notice a pair of eyes created as a symbol of the company’s security service keeping a close eye on to protect the clients’ interests.

Mecha Security

[Mecha Security]

To conclude, these excellent security logos are inspirational designs due to simple but effective use of colors and typeface.

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