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3 Biggest Content Marketing Challenges in 2017

by Designhill Tweet - in Content Marketing - 3 min read

Content Marketing

In the last two decades, the content marketing optimization [CMO] experts equipped themselves with many new technologies to help them make and accomplish several marketing strategies. These technologies were responsible for increasing the marketers’ skills regarding website, loyalty programs, display advertising, ROI analytics, customer journey insights, customer support and more. However, despite the technologies, still something that can link these functions in a strong and continuous way is missing.

The marketing experts feel that the link between the marketing technology and the advertising technology is not that strong as it should be. The marketing technology is particularly useful for supporting a brand’s media platforms.

These platforms include a brand’s apps, websites, and loyalty programs and so on. The advertising technology is essential to support social media & paid media market. The need of the hour is to bridge the gap between the two technologies. This is where the challenges for the new age marketers is and they must find out the solutions.

Content Marketing

Here Are 3 Major Content Marketing Challenges

1.Identifying Customers On All The Touch points

When advertising managers chalk out a strategy their vision may be to create a series of ads that build a strong relationship with the viewers. The ads will address a customer on an individual basis so that when the customers can make purchasing after realizing the relationship with the brand.

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Under this strategy, the marketers acquire the ability to recognize the customer across all the touchpoints. But any such technology will be successful only when there is a continuous connection between the POS/ecommerce system, the ad targeting platform and the loyalty database.

customer touchpoint

2.Keeping Pace With The Customers Movements

Consumers move fast across several digital platforms. But you can identify them on their every step of their journey, dropping signals of their interests and purchasing intentions. Many marketers are lacking in the technologies to catch those signals right when the consumers drop them across the platforms. They must find out the ways track the signals quickly for prompt response.

customer movements

3.Having Control Over The Data

Most of the content market optimization experts rely heavily on the digital publishers to connect the brand’s customers and the advertising audiences. Here, one of the major problems the content marketers face is that while the customer data reaches to the publisher of the advertising, but the brand does not get the data from the publisher.

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Consequently, the brand sometimes has no clue to the customer journey and loses sight of the steps. This also means that the brand often fails to make connection and conversation on continuous basis with the customer across channels.

consumer data

Now, the challenge before the new age content marketing optimization experts is to find out the connecting technologies that can bind all those data pieces and technologies together.

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