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4 Basic but Crucial Aspects of Your Company Logo Design

Jelly Shah by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read

Last updated on September 7th, 2017

Do not take your company logo design as merely a symbol that you stick on your products or services. More than that, your logo can create competitiveness for your business and becomes instrumental in turning the customers’ heads towards your company. A powerful company logo design even converts the viewers into buyers. Such a logo comes with a great graphic design with these aspects covered professionally.

Company Logo Design

Your company logo design must be easily explained in words. Your audience should be able to tell something good about the logo. This is also a way to have the participation of people and getting them interested in the logo design. For instance, people can tell that the McDonald’s logo is the Golden Arches or a big yellow M. Compare it with complicated logos where too many elements are a big discouragement for the viewers and they tend to ignore the design.

Company Logo Design McDonald


Ensure that your company logo design is easier to remember by everyone. The best way to make it memorable is to use a single element that people can recognize easily. More elements make the company logo design complicated and harder to remember. So, simplicity of the design is the key. Take the Apple logo, which has an apple created in a very simple way. When a logo is memorable it also stands out on its own.

A memorable company logo design is also known for its longevity. This implies that the business owner does not have to change the design very often. So, when the logo is the same for many decades, it helps in building a unrivaled credibility and loyalty amongst the audience.

Company Logo Design Apple

Effective in black and white

Your company logo will be used in advertisements on newspapers, faxes, photocopies and many others where there is no use of colors. So, the company logo design must look equally impressive without use of colors in black and white to ensure a good impression on the customers. An advice from the experts is to a company logo design without colors and get its approval from the client. Then, once the approval is in place, you can fill colors. This way, the design will appear equally great with and without colors.Company Logo Design


A logo must retain all of its elements and details even when it is reduced to a small size of to print on business cards or a pen etc. Therefore, your graphic designer should avoid incorporating many details that may overlap or become faded when printed in smaller sizes. The company logo design must not blow up its elements when printed on a billboard.

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