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5 Inspiring Logos for Restaurants Start-Ups

by Michael Crawford Tweet - in Restaurant Logos - 3 min read

Last updated on May 29th, 2017

Designing logos for restaurants can be tricky at times, especially when a designer has been assigned the task of creating one for start-up restaurants.  Sometimes, even coming up with a novel concept can be quite thought-provoking as the logo design has to be perceived in terms of a particular brand value. As a restaurant owner, you would want your customers to take you seriously and perceive a good notion about your servings and services for it will help you establish your unique brand value. No doubt, a chirpy logo that spells all about its restaurant’s image can definitely help foodies make their choice.

So, if you are about to start your restaurant and are looking for some inspiring logos that help you craft a unique identity for your restaurant, this could the right place. Here, we have listed a handpicked selection of 5 swoosh logos for restaurants and their effective message transmission.

Some nice ideas about designing your own logos for restaurants businesses.

1. Amigos Chicken Wings

Amigos - Logos for Restaurants

(Source: admirordesign)

Amigos Chicken Wings is perhaps the best place where you can feat your taste buds with some of the most flavoursome chicken wings. And the brilliant logo of Amigos Chicken Wings aptly summarizes its message and puts it across pretty loud and clear. With its simple yet catchy logos for restaurants startups, Amigos makes it clear why it rules the heart of true blue non-vegetarians.

2. Smart Cook

Smartcook - Logos for Restaurants

(Source: smartcook-restaurants)

Ranked amongst world’s most popular logos for restaurants, Smartcook never fails to impress and inspire with its cuddly ambiance, mouth-watering delicacies and customer-friendly experiences. But what essentially sets this restaurant a class apart is its chic logo. A chef peeping from the word ‘COOK’ is indeed an interesting and unique concept. Quite naturally, it unfailingly brings a smile on the faces of all its customers.

3. Luciana Pastries

luciana pastries - Logos for Restaurants and [astries

(Source: brandcrowd.com)

Luciana Pastries has long been tickling pink the fancies of those who have a fetish for pastries. But Luciana Pastries does not only boast home-baked pastries and aromas that fly you off to faraway, but also its incredible logo that seems to have redefined the mores of ingenuity. With the fun image of a chef all set to make your heart throb with brilliant pastries, Luciana Pastries is sure to make you fall in love with it and made its logo stand up high among the logos for restaurants and pastry shops. So, if you carry your sweet tooth along always, try a pastry or two at Luciana Pastries.

4. Cooper Burgers

cooper burgers - Logos for Restaurants and Burger spots

(Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg)

Stunning monochrome logo of Cooper burgers is telling you that their wide range of burger specialities are almost ready to be served. With their tasty burgers, friendly services and a catchy logo, they make it easy to understand what it takes to be a foodie’s heartthrob. Its unique and monochrome logo made Cooper burgers a winner in the race with other logos for restaurants and burger spots.


5. The Fat Duck Logo

 Logos for Restaurants


(Source: 40forever.com.br)

The Fat Duck Logo reveals the level of logo designer’s imagination and creativity. With beautifully images of fork, spoon and knife given a twist to appear as duck’s tail, fin and claws of a duck, The Fat Duck Logo never fails to inspire awe.

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So draw inspiration from these brilliant logo designs and get your creative juices flowing!

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