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7 Interesting Logo Design Techniques That Redefine the Mores of Creativity

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Lamborghini Logo

Last updated on September 5th, 2017

Let’s face it; in most parts of the world, people remember visuals more than they do numbers or words. Quite naturally, logos have become the key elements that shape up the identity of any business, be it a big enterprise or a small start-up.

Now think about this: what makes the blue bird of Twitter, the half-eaten fruit of Apple and the mountain like stripes of Adidas stand out of the crowd? It’s nothing but the creative and artistic techniques used in designing these logos.

In today’s competitive world where companies are recognized by their innovative logos, it is vital for logo designers to think out of the box and use cutting-edge techniques to craft that perfect masterpiece. No wonder, designers constantly try to introduce new and modern techniques to the art of logo designing.

Here is 7 such top-trending logo design techniques.

1. Negative Space
Negative space is a top-trending logo design technique that seems to have caught the world’s fancy. Also known as White Space, Negative Space technique involves usage of alternative colours in a graphic to bring forth a dual imagery. In fact, a fair share of designers worldwide believes that it is one of the best techniques to create a logo sans any complex graphical content.

WWF Logo Design Techniques2. Line Art
Rated alongside some of the coolest logo designing techniques, Line Art tops the popularity charts amongst designers who desire to create logos that are simple yet get the eyeballs rolling. Line Art is an image that includes both straight and curved drawn through pen tool in Illustrator placed against a background.

Lamborghini Logo3. Dynamic Letterpress
Yet another logo design technique that has been doing rounds in the designer community and among the design-geeks is Dynamic Letterpress. It is a technique that involves the usage of lines that progress from thick to thin to add intricacy and appeal to the objects within the design. An advanced version of the original letterpress design, Dynamic Letterpress is perhaps one technique that adds glittering stars to the overall appeal of a logo design.

15AM RU Logo4. Gradient Mesh
Gradient Mesh is one technique that has taken the art of logo designing to a new height altogether. This technique involves usage of twisted or bent lines, layered over one another, to bring forth a three-dimensional effect. In this technique, a wide array of different colours are used to indicate how colours change when layered over one another.

Gradient Mesh (Logo Design Techniques)5. Polygon Abstract
Quite contrary to its complex name, Polygon Abstract is a relatively easy yet interesting technique that uses triangular shapes and colour gradients to represent a folded paper effect in three dimensions. Polygon Abstract technique is one of the most common trends in logo design these days. It is best bet for brands that believe in redefining the mores of ingenuity and innovation.

Decagon Logo6. Overlap Technique
Second to none in popularity, Overlap technique involves overlapping of elements in a logo design to create a three-dimensional effect. Colour and shading are used in this technique to create the illusion of a dynamic interlock and a three-dimensional feel. Think Ebay!!

Overlap Logo Design Techniques7. 3D in 2D
Latest fad amongst style-savvy designers, 3D in 2D technique gives a 3D effect to a logo that is actually 2D logo in shape. Simply put, designers use colour gradients and add depth and texture to create a 3D impression in a simple 2D logo. Not to mention that 3D in 2D logos are meant for those who wish to leave their competitor’s miles behind in terms of style and effect.

3D in 2D Logo Design Techniques

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