How To Get A New Logo For Communications Business Start-up

How To Get A New Logo For Communications Business Start-up

Are you in the process of starting up your communications business? Well, the first thing you will need to ensure for your business is a unique and professional logo. Logo is an effective tool that plays a major role in defining your corporate identity, outlining your customer base and spreading your business message effectively amongst … Continue reading


Design Characteristics Of 2015’s Emerging Packaging Design Trends

While majority of existing packaging designs appear to be more brand focused, some have effectively been able to spell a distinguishing character by clearly highlighting their design aesthetics in a unique way. Considering the diverse developments going on in the packaging design industry, the knowledge of latest emerging design trends is always beneficial for designers. … Continue reading

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Top 5 Word Choice Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Impressive Designs

Words are amongst the most powerful tools that can compel your audience to action, if used correctly. Whether it’s a logo, banner or website, an incorrect usage of words in a design can ruin your otherwise impressive design, leaving your audiences baffled and perplexed. At times, an incorrect usage of words in a design may … Continue reading

Advertisement Design

Advertisement design – Break your text for easy reading

Your readers do not have much time to go through your advertisement. Therefore, you should make them read the ad by creating an advertisement design having right amount of text. If your ad is text heavy, it will irritate the readers as they have to use their energies to find out the information. So, you … Continue reading