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Color Palettes

20 Unique And Memorable Color Palettes To Inspire You

Having the right color scheme for any design is essential to attain professional and high-quality output. Color expresses messages, creates ideas, generate emotions and serve as a powerful tool in building a successful design. The choice of color palettes serves as the primary deciding factor for the success of the design. Platforms such as Designhill … Continue reading

Make Money

11 Tips On How To Make Money Fast As A Home Maker

Working from home is a trend that people are fast picking up as a serious job to earn livelihood. Just sitting in the comfort of home, you can either choose to work for few hours aside of your main office job, or devote all your time and become your own boss. Once, homemakers used to … Continue reading

Social and email marketing

7 Social Media & Email Marketing Tips Every Small Business Must Heed

Email’s not dead yet! With new techniques to help you target your mailings and a social media plan, you can find your conversion rates going skyhigh with just a few simple tips. Small businesses need to make the most of every tool available to them, and email is one of the best ways to reach … Continue reading

fitness logo design

5 Tips For Creating A Buzz Around Your Physical Fitness Business

  Your business idea is outstanding and your customer service is the best. But that may not be enough to create a buzz around your physical fitness business. If you’re living under the rock, a ‘buzz’ is word of mouth marketing that compels people to talk big about your business. It helps in creating a positive … Continue reading

Technology Business

5 Things You Must Do When Starting a Technology Business

Starting a technology business definitely sounds lucrative these days but making it successful is no mean feat. As a startup, you have to go through all the troubles associated with starting a business. While you can tackle many issues right away, plenty of others take considerable time and effort to resolve. And your success in resolving … Continue reading

I m lovin it

McDonald’s Iconic Logo – The Story of Its Evolution

McDonald’s is a top global brand and constantly ranks alongside some of the world’s most popular fast food chains today with several franchises operating successfully, in almost every country. The McDonald’s iconic logo has become interestingly synonymous with the America’s love for burgers, fries and ice creams. The story of McDonald’s current logo design is … Continue reading

Weight Based on Language

10 Web Design Tips For Non-Designers

Web design is a fun, challenging field that’s open to anyone who wants to make their website look a little better this year than it did last year. You say you’re not a designer? Even better! You’re a clean slate, without any bad habits or corner-cutting methods to un-learn in your next project. For non-designers, … Continue reading

Explosive Fonts and Typographic Effects

10 Graphic Design Tutorials To Take Your Skills To The Next Level

As a graphic designer, regardless of what you might specifically specialize in, your finances live or die based on the quality of the content you are able to provide to your customers. As such, it is imperative for you to do all you can to develop and improve your graphic design skills. Not only will … Continue reading

7 Deadliest Web Design Mistakes - 5

An Insight into 7 Deadliest Website Design Mistakes

Web design has vast expanding avenues with so many design elements constantly being added to the design frame. While this offers designers a platform to experiment with their design space, sometimes too much of innovation backfires, seriously affecting their web design architecture. Here, you’ll find a little smattering on 7 deadly web design mistakes that … Continue reading

designing tips

Top 5 Design Tips For Creating Travel Websites

With expanding domains and changing industry norms, the current trend in design now-a-days focuses more on minimalist designs. However, travel industry websites are the ones that still appear to be struggling with cluttered design elements and have a long way to go in terms of getting more simplistic. Considering the diverse nature of travel locations … Continue reading

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