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  • Profile: Hi! I am professional Logo designer and an aspiring blogger. An expert on various tools Like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Coral Draw, I have successfully designed several application interfaces, android apps, logo designs, business card designs, letterhead designs, envelop designs, flyer designs, brochure designs and web banners. Twitter | Google+
5 Ways to Generate Publicity For Startups That You Never Knew

5 Ways to Generate the Publicity for Startups

Every business wants publicity, whether you’re a not-for-profit or a huge conglomerate. No wonder, most startups are often to be seen in a look out for top PR tools to generate some publicity. Ideally, publicity generates supporters and financial revenue, and leads to increased visibility. However, that doesn’t mean you need to tread the traditional … Continue reading

10 Free Tools to Effectively Manage Your Startup's Online Reputation

Top 10 Free Tools to Effectively Manage Your Startup’s Online Reputation

So you’ve sourced a creative logo design, invested in an efficient website, put up a company, and have kick-started your dream venture. But have you ever analyzed what people say about your company or business online? Remember, just searching your brand’s name on the Internet occasionally wouldn’t get you the clear picture of how your … Continue reading

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5 Easy Steps to Successfully Launch an Educational Startup

Your educational startup can meet students’ expectations when they look for effective and easy coaching for different subjects. Many students cannot afford expensive education from established universities. Others fail to join regular classes in the collage for varied reasons. For them, your educational startup can come as a ray of hope. Though there is a … Continue reading

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10 Must-Have Tools for Startups

Over the years, there has been a dramatic upsurge in the number of start-ups across the globe. Well, it’s no wonder considering there’s a multitude of useful and affordable tools and resources available online for startups aspiring to level the playing field. So if you too are the helm of a startup, do read between … Continue reading

Create A Pencil Pattern Brush  Step - 4

How To Create A Pencil Pattern Brush In Easy Steps (Part-2)

Pencil pattern brush is often used by graphic designers to create a unique impression and convey some specific message to viewers. This easy to follow tutorial takes you on a journey to create pencil pattern brush in Abode Illustrator conveniently. In the first installment of the tutorial, we revealed the techniques to set up a … Continue reading

Create A Pencil Pattern Brush  Step - 1

How To Create A Pencil Pattern Brush In Easy Steps (Part-1)

Pencil pattern brush is often used by designers to create a unique impression and convey some message to the viewers. In this tutorial, you will learn to create pencil pattern brush in Abode Illustrator in some easy steps. In the initial steps, you will learn the techniques to set up a simple grid so that … Continue reading

Daryl Dixon T-shirt Designs 17

50 Shades of Daryl Dixon: 50 T-shirt Designs to Kill For

[Source: toylab.blogspot.com] In the recent years, the one American Zombie Apocalypse ‘horror’ series that has taken the world by storm is ‘The Walking Dead’. No wonder, it’s consistently rated as one of the best and most popular series in the history of television. In fact, ‘The Walking Dead’ seems to have become the new-age entertainment … Continue reading

Gallery Covenant Church Religious Themed Logo Designs

Top 10 Religious Themed Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

Churches, religious establishments, and other non-profits are constantly out there trying to create a strong brand image that belongs in the 21st century in order to target the new-age devotees and religious aficionados. Perhaps the most important step for any church, religious establishment or other non-profit seeking to create a buzz around their brand is … Continue reading

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Top 10 Creative Photography Themed Logo Designs for Your Inspiration

Though every business requires a good logo design, professional photographers and photography firms need one even more than the most. This is because photography industry is unbelievably competitive and the market swarms with hordes of shooters with comparable levels of work. This is when a great logo comes into play to help give you the … Continue reading

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How To Get A New Logo For A Bar And Nightclub Business Start-up

Are you planning to start a bar and nightclub business? Remember that your business needs a logo in the first place to represent you amidst thousands of existing bar owners and your customers as well. Since, the market is already jam-packed with hundreds of competitors running similar type of businesses; a nice logo design becomes … Continue reading

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