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Instagram Reveals New Logo

Instagram Reveals New Logo – Here’s Everything You Must Know

Over the last year or so, several companies changed their logos in order to reinvigorate their brand identities. It isn’t really surprising as a changing logos breathe a new lease of life into an old brand. In the recent times, Google, Facebook, Starbucks and many others made changes to their logos with an aim to … Continue reading

Crazy Facts About Google Logo

5 Crazy Facts About Google Logo that will Blow Your Mind

Google has two things that are very popular: First, its innovative search engine is one of the world’s most used and the largest search engine in the entire world. Second, it has an iconic logo that seems to have become synonymous with the Internet. Now: Who doesn’t know about Google’s iconic logo? Everyone and their … Continue reading

t-shirt design

T-Shirt Design Trends to Look Out for In 2016

  T-shirts are no more simple clothing with plain colors and little lettering. As a matter of fact, t-shirts today have become the way to show the attitude, personality of the wearers. And T-shirts are no more for personal use only. A large number of businesses have started using T-shirts to promote their brand and … Continue reading

social media design

Social Media Marketing Trends To Win the Game In 2016

Social media offers plenty of free opportunities in the form of rock-solid platforms and advertising options so that you can put your content for public consumption. However, the world of social media evolving rapidly with new platforms launched every year and new features rolled out every quarter. Since an ever-increasing number of new features appear … Continue reading

Facebook Followers

How To Increase Facebook Followers By 200%?

With 40 million small business Facebook pages, the competition on Facebook is fierce than ever. So if you’re looking to grow your Facebook audiences, you must be innovative and unique in your marketing endeavors. Remember, you’re just one click away from oblivion. So make sure everything — from your Facebook page design to the overall … Continue reading