Top 6 Designer Portfolios of October 2014

Tips on How to Add Credibility to Your Design Blog

Blogs bring to the fore almost all of social, personal and commercial issues. But not all the blogs are successful in interacting with a larger audience. In fact, many of them go unnoticed. Only select few of them are subscribed by increasing number of readers. So, what are the parameters to identify a good blog? … Continue reading


Tips On How to Incorporate Images Effectively in Your Website Design

Images are a powerful medium of expression aptly reverberated by the phrase that an image is worth a thousand words. In website designing, an image should be of the right size and resolution to make an impact on the viewers. So, besides selection of the right image for your website, additional considerations such as the … Continue reading


The Designer’s Guide to Creating Social Media Portfolios That Convert

Are you getting clients from social media? If not, then a social media portfolio may be the answer to tapping into networks millions of active users per month. In this post, we’re going to show you how you can turn your top social media profiles into design portfolios that will get you customers. The Facebook … Continue reading


How To Work With Layers In Photoshop/illustrator

Photoshop layers are a wonderful way to create graphic design. The layers have in fact revolutionized the way designs are created. The Photoshop files can be placed as numerous layers to overlay them on each other. So, an image is usually made up of many layers when a designer works on them. The designers have … Continue reading


Tips To Use Illustrator’s Tools (Part-2)

Here are some Tips To Use Illustrator’s Tools Wrinkle Tool  Double-click on the Wrinkle tool and you get some extra settings. You can see the ‘’Horizontal’’ and ‘’Vertical’’ settings that are used to control the direction of the wrinkles. If you are doing an image that is complex due to multiple anchor points, then you should … Continue reading