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What Benefits Do Online Wine Label Design Contests Offer?

by John Kash Tweet - in Label Design - 2 min read

Wine Label Design

Last updated on October 24th, 2017

What Benefits Do Online Wine Label Design Contests Offer?

In the wake of acquiring a good wine label design for your wine bottles, you might have to consult several expert wine label designers and probably carry out an extensive research at the same time. Why would you like to lag behind in the competition when your wine packaging is good and so is your wine quality? So, if you are focusing on your wine marketing plans, online label design contest could probably be your best bet.

What’s A Wine Label Design Contest?

Wine label design contests are the online design hunt competitions launched by a company or individual. It is very simple to launch or post such contests. All you need to do is register on one of the many popular crowdsourcing websites such as Designhill and then post your design requisites and invite designers to participate in the contest. Now you only have to wait for the designer’s creativity to outpour and pick the drink logo design that best suits your needs. Such contests allow you to get your dream design within a short time and at affordable prices. Here’s a little listing of top 3 benefits of an online wine label design contest.

Boon For Start-Ups Or Low Cost Manufacturing Companies

contests are not targeted for specific groups or business, considering their low operational costs such contests are apt for small wine manufacturers or packagers.  Since, the client does not have to pay hefty amounts to expert label designers; these design hunt contests are apt for businesses that have budget restraint when it comes to product packaging design.

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Quick Response And Easy Interaction

It might be difficult for a wine manufacturer to meet wine label designers in person and effectively communicate the design requirements, due to time or distance restraint. However, one can easily tackle this problem by launching an online label design contests. Since, the client does not have to physically visit the designers, it helps save valuable time and travel costs.

Label Design Online

With popular crowdsourcing websites like Designhill, it is convenient to run and submit a contest for wine label designs with customization which give you the facility to modify the label according to your requirement.

Wide Array Of Choices

The biggest advantage of online label design contests is perhaps the varied number of choices in terms of label designs. Since many label designers participate in the design contest, clients have a huge variety of logo designs at their disposal which is otherwise not possible.

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Now that you are well acquainted with the benefits of online label design contests, it’s time to explore their benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Get started at Designhill now and get the design you’ll love in a matter of a few days!
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