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Create Logo Design With Hidden Message

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Create Logo Design With Hidden Message

Last updated on September 6th, 2017

One of the most aesthetically appreciated logos is the one having a hidden message of the client’s company and business. Not only the message is there but its beauty is in the way it is designed within a limited space available in a logo. In fact, many global brands have made good use of this trick which is also known as white space or negative space in order to target the customers with a message.

Here You Can Find That How To Create Logo Design With Hidden Message ?

Such logos have outstanding uses of colors with a message hiding around them as well as many of the logos making use of negative space for the purpose. If you take a good look at the logos around your place or in the market, you will find that several global and local brands send you a message of business through their logo design.

We can give you two of the most famous examples of logo designing hiding some message. FedEx logo is one of them. This courier service company wants to send the message that it is known for accuracy of delivery and speed. To convey this business message, the company logo is used to promote these factors. To do so, the FedEx logotype hides an arrow between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’

Similarly, amazon.co.uk logo also incorporates a logo design with hidden message to illustrate the sheer variety of products that the online store sells. The message is in the form of a smiling arrow that connects ‘A’ to ‘Z’, which indicates that everything is sold through the store. The arrow has been shaped as a smile indicating that the customers are satisfied with purchasing of things at the store.

So, when you design your logo, you can make a request to the designer about using this skill of creating a hidden message in the logo.

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