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Difference Between Corporate and Product Logo Design

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Difference Between Corporate and Product Logo Design

Last updated on April 5th, 2016

Businesses expend over the years starting from one product to launching of several of them to cater varied needs of the customers. So, a company may come up with many products in few years. Since we know that each product must have its own identity in the market, most of the business create logo design to represent each such product or service. We can say that in the long run a company ends up having many logos for its varied businesses.

See difference between corporate and product logo design

.A corporate logo design is the one that represent whole of the company activities and business. This is the main logo that creates brand identify for the corporate house. So, all the global brands have a leading logo that is the representation of their corporate values, vison and gives a clear business message to the global audience.

You can say that corporate logo is central to a business in order to create reliability and credibility in the eyes of customers.

But a product logo design is entirely different. A company launches several products and creates logos for them keeping in view their unique features and usability for the customers. This means that product logo helps in bringing the customers’ attention to the unique features of the product.

Clearly, the colors, fonts and other design elements will be different in creating product logo due to the product’s special features and targeted audience.

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So, purpose of a corporate logo is to create overall reputation, credibility and reliability of a company. This projection of image through logo plays a crucial role in lending credibility in turn to the several products launched by the company.

A corporate logo design sends overall bigger business message to the larger audiences. A product logo conveys a message of its own to a smaller audience restricted to that particular product. This is a significant difference that logo designers should be keeping in mind.

They should research a business and ensure that a product logo design should have some elements of the company’s logo so that the customers can know that the products is from the company known for its high quality standards.

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