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Drawback Of Clip Arts And Images In Logo Design

by John Kash Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read


Last updated on June 17th, 2016

If you are thinking in terms of creating a custom logo design that is specially done for your company and the type of business you run, then make it sure that you keep away from cheap clip arts and other such images. One of the disadvantages you will incur due to clip arts is that the customers will immediately associate your products and services with inferior quality and you will get a bad image in the business world. After all, a logo is a representative symbolizing your company and business in the market and people tend to get an indication of what to expect from your company by looking at its logo.

Using clip arts and such images for your corporate emblem implies that it does not make the logo memorable and recognizable which is so crucial for your presence in the market. You are not the only to use that stock image or clip art and many others also have already made use of them. This means that the customers and general people have already seen that image before and it gives a bad impression. Moreover, you and your company may also be in trouble due to use of copyrighted images without prior permission.

Another drawback of using clip arts and stock images is that the customers can mistakenly take your organization for another company or business. This is because many other organizations would also be using the same graphics. Therefore, you will fail in making a professional impact on your customers.

Your organization should avoid clip arts as they are not original and your company will appear generic. These stock images indicate an unprofessional approach and only amateurish designers use such photos. You should avoid these images as you do not own any copyright on such graphics. The stock images do not help in making your organization recognizable and memorable. Clip arts and stock images do not at all communicate with your customers and fail to create any appeal for your services and goods.

To conclude, it is advisable to avoid stock images and clip arts when you intend to create a logo design that is dedicated to your organization and business.

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