How To Write Build Effective Emails for Better Conversion

How to Write & Build Effective Emails for Better Conversion?

You’ll be surprised: Email conversion rates are three times higher than social media, with a 17% higher value in the conversion. In addition, email marketing can help you increase your ROI by as much as 4300%. What does this mean? It means that investing in creative email designs and building amazing marketing emails can help … Continue reading

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Top 10 Email Marketing Tools for Bootstrapped Startups

For startups, email marketing tools are a sure-fire way of connecting with their target audience in a personalized manner within limited financial means. Email marketing tools are a great assistance to startups, especially bootstrapped startups as their requirements are different to those of small businesses. The Internet is simply swarmed with a host of free and … Continue reading

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10 Email Marketing Tips to Ensure Success For Your Small Business

[Source:] Email marketing is all about enticing your target audiences by highlighting the usefulness of your products or services through your email. Because receiving a letter gives us happiness, most business owners, especially start ups and small businesses, use emails to build a rapport with potential customers. But your company newsletter, that you intend … Continue reading

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10 Useful Tips for Designing Professional HTML Email Templates

Emails are perhaps one of the most effective means of marketing. No wonder, almost all popular companies send out emails and email newsletters to promote their business. So it makes sense to understand the basic tenets of professional HTML email design to make your newsletters more effective and impressive. Skim through this blog for 10 … Continue reading

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A Complete Guide to Email Design

No matter what kind of business you run, chances are you’ve looked into running an email campaign now and then; if you haven’t, you should. Some marketers believe that monthly newsletters are a thing of the past, but really they’ve just changed from paper and ink to pixels and information technologies. Today most newsletters are … Continue reading