Why Outsourcing is the Biggest Growth Hack for 2016?

Are you a graphic design agency? How many times have you been forced to turn away clients as your designers are overworked? Do you find it difficult to satisfy your clients with multiple design options and styles? Well, we’re sure you wouldn’t disagree that to drive and sustain your business in today’s competitive landscape, you’ll … Continue reading


How To Outsource Design Projects At Designhill?

Most traditional agency settings including web development firms, ad agencies, design studios and brand management firms are celebrated for their zero-hierarchy culture. Their passionate and excited approach to graphic designs. Their high level of energy and curiosity when it comes to servicing their clients. In almost all such settings, constant change is in the air … Continue reading


[Infographic] Small Business Branding Trends 2015

In the world of small business where every mistake counts and every penny pinches, branding remains crucial. As we’ve come half way in the year 2015, it’s important to understand what trends have been ruling the roost in the world of small business branding. Reports reveal that around 28,443,856 small businesses brands are trying to … Continue reading


[Infographic] How Ready Is Your Startup For Success?

“Fail often so you can succeed sooner.” – Tom Kelley, Ideo partner You must have heard about this stat (if you ever drew chairs in the inner circuit of entrepreneurial world.) that says 90% of all startup fail. They fail because they ran out of money, citing issues with the destiny (where they failed because … Continue reading


Which Successful Entrepreneur Are You ? [Quiz]

Which successful entrepreneur are you most similar to? Richard Branson? Steve Jobs, or someone else? This Quiz matches and analyzes your characteristic profiles to some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs. It will determine the common traits between you and these successful entrepreneurs and will tell you how similar you are to them.   Does Your Business Need A New Identity? … Continue reading

Why Business Logo Design is So Important to Your Organization?

Why Business Logo Design is So Important to Your Organization?

Every business has a logo to represent its values and attributes in the market and public. But not all the logos are capable of taking the business effectively to the people. Design of a logo is usually plays a major role in the marketing of an organization and its business in the ever-competitive market. Here, … Continue reading

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The Wait Is Finally Over! Introducing Our New ‘Readymade Logo Store’

We are delighted to announce that we’ve launched our new ‘Readymade Logo Store,’ we hope you enjoy it and find it easy to navigate! Our new Readymade Logo Store will list high-quality and professional readymade logos that can be browsed, purchased and customized starting at just $99. The readymade logo storefront is now accessible and … Continue reading

Designhill Referral Program

[Infographic] Designhill Referral Program

Earn money. Save money. Whatever your goal is, Designhill Referral Program can help you achieve it! All you need to do is to promote our services through your Facebook post, banner ads, blogs, articles, tweets, emails, links, mobile apps or word of mouth – any which way you deem fit! Whenever you refer someone to … Continue reading

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WTA Picks Up a Winning Design in the Logo Design Contest

A start-up tour agency, World Tour Agency, operating out of Latin America, was looking to expand its business horizon. However, due to budget constraint, they did not want to invest too heavily in brand promotion. And this is where there marketing team decided to acquire an elegant and unique logo design in order to communicate … Continue reading

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5 Major Design Trend Observations for 2015

When we talk of web design trends, a wide range of features come to mind. You can find out larger navigational buttons in varied shape and sizes on modern websites. Today’s websites must be responsive as well to accommodate the customers or visitors who use smartphones, laptops etc devices for information and shopping. Scrolling has … Continue reading

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