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Is Flat UI Design /Color More Professional?

Campbell Jof by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Graphic Design - 2 min read

Flat UI Design

Last updated on June 28th, 2017

Flat UI design trend has been making round for past years. But now the experts have started questioning its usefulness. Many of them even ask if flat UI design/color is professional and if then to what extent? Does this trendy design is easier for the users and is it more stylish?

Flat UI Design Template

Design professionals even have raised doubts whether or not the flat UI design users find it comfortable when it is in use in touch devices. Does the design really create any feeling of easiness?

We all have been witness to the rise of this flat design trend for past two years. A shortcoming of the design is that users have very few options. The page has only selected choices to offer as the emphasis is to cut the clutter. However, as the trend is to create simplicity, the design styles are looking similar and standardised.

Because of the similarity of the UI design, an advantage is that it can be standardized. But its adverse impact on the users is that it fails to arouse them with any deep feelings. There is hardly any real life experience for the users in the absences of texture, dimension etc. In fact, many UI designs are even flatter than a colorful plastic paper.

Flat UI color

Flat UI design is today being seen by the users as boring due to sameness of the design, colors and other elements. The users’ eye gets tired easily due to lack of variety in the design. There is a certain amount of flashiness also.

Clearly, the flat UI design was a trend which had to fade away one day. It is now showing signs of tiredness and professionals are now analyzing it for its pros and cons. They may soon come out with a new trend of the design that has a bit more variety for the users.

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