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Google’s New Logo Has Just Gone Viral! Why You Love to Hate It?

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design

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6 min read

Google’s New Logo Design – Is It Awesome Or Awful? Rebranding is essentially the process of changing a significant element of a brand to give it a new look and feel. In the recent times, many top brands including Starbucks, Apple and Facebook rebranded themselves in order to inspires customers, investors, and others to see the company in a new light.

Google is the newest brand that has joined the rebranding bandwagon with its new logo released on 1 September 2015. The search engine titan created an uproar in the online media with its extreme rebranding strategy. But it’s not the first time Google has brought about different twists and turns in its logo. In fact, Google logo has undergone various makeovers from 1998 to 2015. So, why the recent change threw netizens into a surprising flurry? Why the Internet is now flooded with opinions, likes and dislikes new google logo?

Let’s get under the skin of the issue and find out why Google’s new logo has just gone viral and why you’ll love to hate it?

Why the Change?

According to Google’s design blog, the company wanted to address:

  • The need for a scalable mark to convey the feeling of the full logotype in limited space.
  • The inclusion of dynamic, intelligent motion to improve user interaction.
  • To address the need to provide consistency in different Google products.
  • To address the ever changing needs of users.

What’s The Change?

  • Google Logotype: Google’s new logo features tailor-made sans-serif typeface called “Product Sans” with Google’s trademark multi-color sequence.
  • Dots: The new dots in Google’s new dynamic logotype illustrate interactive, assistive, and transitional approach of Google’s new logotype.
  • The Favicon: Google’s default lowercase ‘g’ favicon has been replaced by an uppercase one in the company’s signature four colors.
  • Other Changes: The new logo features the second ‘g’ one pixel to the right and the ‘l’ one pixel down and one to the right. The change in the positing of letters in the logo seems to be inspired by Google’s attempt to improve the logo’s readability and decipherability.

What Does Google Want to Convey Though Its Revamped Logo?

Google reveals in its blog that its intention behind the logo revamp is to take its old logo and brand and update them for the new world of technological advancements, where traditional PCs have been replaced with smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Daily Tech reveals that Russian user interface designer, Denis Kortunov came with the idea for the new Google logo — a four-color letter “G” — back in 2008.

Internet logo

It would be safe to say that Google’s new, playful logo literally means company’s technological transcendence since its inception on September 4, 1998. Initially Google used to be a just a white webpage with a text box, but over the years, it has transcended into an internet behemoth ranging from mobile software to self-driving cars.

In addition, the dots denote that Google is now all set to connect the technological dots for users providing them an unparalleled experience and fast transition for ever user who loves to interact with Google products across many different platforms.

What Do Experts Think of Google’s New Logo?

I can’t help feeling a little sad that the quirkiness of the old mark has been lost and replaced by, dare I say it, blandness.” – Martyn Hayes, Associate creative director at Elmwood.

It’s a bit childish. But so was the old Google logo.” – Jon Hewitt, Creative Director at Moving Brands.

It’s well made for the most part. I can see that they wanted to retain the tilted-back ‘e’ from the previous logo, perhaps for a sense of continuity. But the old logo had a calligraphic origin, building every curve on a titled axis. Without that supporting context in the rest of the word, this ‘e’ looks forced.” – Tobias Frere-Jones, Founder, Frere-Jones Type.

It’s just a disaster. It looks childish, it looks unsophisticated, it looks like play dough.” – Ina Saltz, a typography expert and professor at CCNY.

Google has become such a household name, but should people now talk about Alphabet when they mean Google?” – Paul Munkholm, director of strategy, digital agency Kettle.

What Do We Think of Google’s New Logo?

Well, it isn’t difficult to understand that Google has been a constant in our online lives, since 1999. In fact, it is difficult for most people to imagine their lives without Google. And that’s perhaps the reason why there’s such hoo-hah about new Google logo design. Google’s old logo used serif typeface. The typeface is reminiscent of printing and classical typesetting. In addition, experts believe that serif typeface is more authoritative. On the other hand, Google’s new logo features tailor-made, sans serif typeface called ‘product sans’. The font looks playful. Naturally, the logo has lost its authoritative appeal.

The new logo has kept Google’s trademark logo colors, but has shed its matured appeal. In fact, in an article published on newyorker.com, writer Sarah Larson reveals that the use of colors in the ‘favicon’ of Google’s new logo resembles to McDonald’s French fries, Comic Sans and children’s refrigerator magnets. The writer further reveals that Google’s new logo appears to be an insipid piece of design that features unimpressive ‘G’, owl-eyed ‘oo,’ a childish ‘g,’ a dull ‘l,’ and a flavorless ‘e.’

This is Google’s sixth logo revamp since the company launched in 1998. Most changes to Google logo in the past were little more subtle and were fairly well received by people. However, the recent change by the company earned it animosity and disagreement. Given the flak that new Google logo has received from across the globe, it’s not too difficult to understand that the search engine titan has failed to understand its users’ sentiment.

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No matter you love or hate Google’s new logo, it is important to understand that rebranding is important for businesses. Rebranding brings in a new lease of life to a brand. It will be interesting to see how things evolve with the new logo design for Google with its hidden meaning.

What do you think of Google’s new logo design? Do you love it or simply hate it? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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