Graphic Designers

50 Amazing Graphic Designers You Should Know

Do you remember the first time you saw a piece of art? And the heady feeling that you experienced when you saw it? That feeling which pushed you to create your own art? That was an inspiration.If you are a graphic designer, you probably seek inspiration from all around you. But every once in a … Continue reading

Graphic Designers

40 Crucial Lessons From The Most Famous Graphic Designers In History

The graphic design industry has come a long way yet there is no end to its evolution. We jotted down 40 essential points from famous graphic designers, which if implemented can change graphic design for good. The top graphic designs at Designhill, who made a mark in the graphic design industry, employed these points to … Continue reading


10 Ways To Improve Typography In Your Designs

Simply put, typography is the art and technique of arranging type and is considered to be one of the central skills of any designer. Many designers, even who are working for years, consider just the font size and font typeface when it comes to improving the typography. However, there is much more to it and … Continue reading

design brief

How to Ensure That a Submitted Design Matches Your Design Brief

Business owners hire professional graphic designers or crowdsource the design works to create unique logos, business cards, and stationery designs etc. But when receiving the designs, many clients believe on the designers’ experience and accept the work without questions. That should be avoided. When getting the designs, make sure that it meets all the requirements … Continue reading

how designs work for you

How to Make Design Trends Work for You

Design is ever evolving, and like many things in life, it is constantly in a state of fluidity. One moment designers are clamoring over nouveau grunge typography, and the next thing you know, literal minimalism is the talk of the town. For some, this uncertainty may seem complicated – and, in some way, it is. … Continue reading

Freelance Graphic Designer

Tips to Manage Your Clients as Freelance Graphic Designer

A freelance graphic designer should have an initial consultation with clients who offered design assignment. The consultation helps the designer a lot in knowing about the client’s design requirements, which is so important to create the final product in line with the expectations. The client will also let you know about how much work you … Continue reading


Designhill Wins Marketing Software Awards After Thorough Evaluation by FinancesOnline

We have some great news for our current and prospective users: Designhill has just won two quality awards from FinancesOnline! The reputed software review platform dismissed what was left from the ‘just another graphic design tool’ myth, and shared with its readers their positive view on the different route Designhill has undertaken to make design … Continue reading

Design Portfolio

11 Tips to Create a Design Portfolio That Attracts Clients

There is no way around it—if you are looking for new clients, your design portfolio is the most important tool you have at your disposal. According to a study conducted by The Creative Group, 63% of the decision to hire you for a creative job is influenced by your portfolio. Think about it. Your portfolio … Continue reading

logo ideas

How Does a Professional Logo Design Determine the Visibility of Your Brand?

If you want your brand to stand out, you`ll need something for it. It`s part of your brand identity. Close your eyes 10 sec and think about big brands, you`ll also think about their logos. A well designed and Professional Logo Design is a necessity to make a brand famous. For example, we all know … Continue reading

Email Design Trends of 2017

Top 5 Effective Email Design Trends of 2017

With so many big social media platforms such as facebook and Twitter out there in the digital world, email seems to be the most humble one. According to, consumers switch media platforms as many as 27 times an hour. However, email is the most effective and low-cost form marketing even now. Most of the … Continue reading

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