5 Stupid Simple Online Businesses You Can Start Right Away

5 Stupid Simple Online Businesses You Can Start Right Away

There are umpteen perks of launching your own business – you own your hours, work at your own pace and own your success. But the sad reality a large number of job goers are really hesitant when it comes to leaving their jobs to start their own businesses. Why? This is because most people believe … Continue reading

How To Get Best Clients and Avoid Bad Ones

Nifty Tips to Help Graphic Designers Find Good Clients (And Avoid the Bad Ones)

If you are a graphic designer and dreaming of building a successful career, then you must do well to get clients regularly. Most importantly, you should aspire to win high profile clients who are willing to give you high-paying jobs. After all, as you climb up your career ladder, your earnings too must rise with … Continue reading

The Ultimate Graphic Design Sweepstakes

The Ultimate Graphic Design Sweepstakes

“THE ULTIMATE GRAPHIC DESIGN SWEEPSTAKES“ GET A CHANCE TO WIN $1000 PRIZE! HURRY UP! DON’T WASTE THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY Create your portfolio on Designhill between 22nd April and 22nd May, and ensure your chances to win $1000! Not sure how to start? Here’s how: Profile Sweepstakes Rules: The sweepstakes will consider all Designhill profiles updated between … Continue reading

Graphic Designer

How to Become the Favorite Choice of BIG Design Clients?

A large number of graphic designers are often to be seen in a lookout for ‘Big’ design clients. But impressing such big-ticket clients is no mean feat! It takes an expert to fish out for big clients, win their trust, get to manage their design projects and earn fat paychecks. Are you too looking for … Continue reading

How to Successfully Run a Graphic Design Contest at Designhill

How to Successfully Run a Graphic Design Contest at Designhill?

Are you a small business owner who needs an excellent logo design to convey your brand message to your target customers? One of the options you have is to launch a graphic design contest at crowdsourcing sites such as Designhill.com. An advantage of crowdsourcing your logo design work is that it gives you multiple options … Continue reading

Get the Most from Your Design Contest

Looking To Get the Most from Your Design Contest? Remember These Tips

If you are thinking of designing a custom logo design or website for your company, then one of the best options you should explore is to crowdsource the work. You will not only own the design at low costs but also a competitive design that is worthy of representing your company.However, you must adhere to … Continue reading

Infographic design

[Infographics Roundup] – Best Infographics Designs of 2015

2015 was the year of creatively inspiring infographics. And for many good reasons! Though the trend started way back in time, it wasn’t until 2015 that marketers and designers realized the importance of using interactive elements in the infographic. The major motivation behind this was to ensure that users and readers are able to interact … Continue reading

t-shirt design

T-Shirt Design Trends to Look Out for In 2016

  T-shirts are no more simple clothing with plain colors and little lettering. As a matter of fact, t-shirts today have become the way to show the attitude, personality of the wearers. And T-shirts are no more for personal use only. A large number of businesses have started using T-shirts to promote their brand and … Continue reading

Graphic design

Graphic Design Trends That Will Rock the World in 2016

Every passing year, we experience a fresh set of changes happening in the world of graphic designs. This is because of the intense competition in the $36 billion industry. Everyone, right from graphic designers to businesses, seems to be busy creating personal and memorable experiences to catch the attention and interest of users. Since purpose … Continue reading

history of graphic design

10 Things You Never Knew About the Graphic Design History

The world of graphic design is like a vast ocean that’s replete with numerous secrets! During past many decades, it has evolved with a dramatic pace! It seems as if there has been a spate amongst graphic designers to find new and innovative ideas in order to make it easy for businesses to stand out … Continue reading

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