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How To Make That Perfect Designer Profile?

by Designhill Tweet - in One-to-One - 3 min read

Perfect Designer Profile

Last updated on November 16th, 2017

Your profile page speaks a ton about you and your artistic abilities. As they say, first impression matters. A profile page of designers give them a rare opportunity to showcase their talent and attract clients for one-to-one projects or other freelance opportunities.

Designhill was founded with the aim of creating a common meeting ground for graphic designers and clients. Therefore, on a crowdsourcing platform such as Designhill, having an extraordinary designer profile will only spell as umpteen benefits for designers. Remember, a good profile talks straight with the onlookers.

But remember it is important to keep your as professional as possible. Different streams of designs should be shown in manner which is irresistible for a client to ignore.

Stop for a minute and think who you are, what your abilities are, how far have you succeeded in the design industry and what makes you the best fit for a design job. Including all these points in your profile will help you attract more clients and grow your business.

There are some pointers below to make that perfect designer profile.

    1. Create an Interesting Profile Cover – Your profile cover includes your cover image which further includes your cover photo, username your avatar and a few buttons. Your cover image is the first thing that clients see when they land on your profile page. Therefore, it is essential to make good use of this space. Choose a background image that is stylish and goes well with the personality of your business. It should reflect professionalism as well as trustworthiness. Also, ensure colors that are pleasing to the eyes. In the avatar, you can display your image or your professional logo design. Don’t forget to have a CTA type button, something like “Invite to Work” at a prominent place and an appropriate size so that clients don’t think twice before signing a project with you.Create interesting profile

[Image Credit By: Avid design Group]

2. Make Best Use of Your About Page – Though this is the second page of your profile, however it makes sense to utilize this page carefully as you can give a lot of information about you, your work and achievements. Another benefit of having this page is that your portfolio will be less cluttered and over loaded with your work. In the bio section, you can write about your hobbies, who are you, what are your interests. Everything about yourself. This can include the languages you know. Then there is a top skills section wherein data keeps updating automatically as and when you win contests or are selected as a finalist. We suggest you to choose keywords that are searchable so that the chances of your profile ranking higher in search engines become more.

About Us Details of Graphic Designer

3. Client Testimonials Work Wonders – There is nothing better than having a testimonials section in your profile, if you don’t have yet. People love to know and do what other people are doing. And when a client says something good about you, there is no chance that a potential client can ignore it. Don’t give a second thought in displaying all the praise showered on you by your former client. It builds trust in your current clients as well as reflects the value of your work.


Though these are just 3 steps on how to improve your portfolio, but we ensure that these are the most important ones. You can also try including a feature of having an expanded view for all your designs and displaying stats of how many contests you have won etc. Including all these points will definitely draw the attention of your clients.

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