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IBM Logo – Simple Logo Type To Express Speed And Dynamism

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Last updated on November 27th, 2017

International Business Machines is one of the most known brands in the world and so is its logo. Known for its captivating and simple design, the IBM logo perfectly defines the quality standards and brand name of the company. But the logo design retained its original look throughout its long history as the design expressed uniqueness, confidence and superiority of the company computer machines business. The logo has been successfully marketing the company business in the worldwide Information Technology market.


Established in 1911 in New York, the company started with manufacturing lock autograph recorder which as school time control system and Electrical Accounting Machine. At that time, IBM was known as the Computing Tabulating-Recording Company. On February 14, 1924, the company name was changed to International Business Machines Corporation, or IBM. The IBM logo has not changed much in the company 96 years of existence.

1924  Globe logo

1924 Globe logo(Source de.wikipedia.org)

In 1924, the company had its first IBM logo that had a shape of globe. The logo had Business Machines written in sans-serif font and International inserted in between in a strip. The globe shaped logo was representation of worldwide expansion of the company computer business.

1956 Simple lettering logo

The globe logo had become obsolete after almost three decades of the company presence in the world market. Now the company wanted to make the logo speak to the audience and wished to replace the faceless and bureaucratic globe logo. So, this prompted the company to opt for logotype IBM that we see today. The simple lettering of the logotype not only told the company name to the worldwide audience but also conveys warmth and user-friendliness of the company machines.


1966 The strips incorporated

The famous IBM logo strips were introduced in the logo in 1966 to indicate speed and vibrancy of the company global business expansion. The first IBM logo had thirteen strips in black. Incorporating the strips gave the logo a new look and create a unique image for the viewers. However, the rectangular logo first had a grayish background which changed to black in the next years.

1972 The Eight Strip logo

1972 IBM logo(Source logok.org)

One of the significant changes that IBM logo saw in 1970s was that number of strips was reduced to eight from thirteen. The new logo was also known as the Eight Strip logo or the Eight stripper. The numbers of strips were reduced to suggest dynamism and speed. However, design of the logotype remained constant.

Another significant change in the logo design was to add blue to the strips of the logo. Blue color was chosen to express corporate sophistication that the company wanted to convey about its products to the modern worldwide audiences.

Here are some design elements of IBM logo


The IBM logo has horizontal strips running through all the three letters. Each letter has eight horizontal blue strips against white background. The capitalized block lettering of the logo expresses authority of the company in the world business.


The existing IBM logo has blue as sole color. Choice of blue gives the company and the logo a professional look and strength.Because of the blue strips, the logo has been nicknamed as Big Blue.

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The IBM logo is logotype designed in serif font to express the company high quality standards and sophistication of the products. The bold font has a simple design with no clutter involved.

IBM logo has simple design but it conveys the company message of high quality, sophistication of products, and worldwide presence of business, dynamism and speed.

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