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[Infographic] What Makes A Good Logo

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What Makes A Good Logo

Last updated on May 8th, 2017

Over the years I have worked on many kinds of projects for a wide variety of clients for graphic designs. Here I have tried to graphically represent through an infographic my idea of what makes a good logo . This infographic will also help designers to learn more about the do’s, dont’s and importance of various colors in logos. I have tried to include the types of fonts, colors I suggest for logo designing as well as some famous branded logos and designers that how to design logo.

What Makes A Good Logo – Do’s

  • Make People Think
  • Connect with audience
  • Has presence
  • Build Confidence and Trust
  • Has Meaning

What Makes A Good Logo – Dont’s

  • Logo Design Contests
  • Stock Imagery
  • DIY
  • Contains Photography
  • Squish and Stretches

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