UI Design

[Infographic] Top 8 UI Design Trends In 2017

The trends in UI designs are changing fast. You have to make quick adjustments in the development technique to keep pace with the new changes happening in the UI design world. Here Are Top 8 UI Design Trends In 2017 1. Full-Screen Video Visuals have already made deeper inroads when it comes to drawing the … Continue reading

Business Card

[Infographic] Top 6 Business Card Trends In 2017

The main purpose of business cards is to deliver contact details of a company. Another purpose is to impress the clients. In fact, making an impression on the recipients is the most important reason behind creating varieties of business cards designs. So, while receiving the contact details, the client must get a good feeling about … Continue reading

Mobile App

[Infographic] Top 8 Mobile App Design Trends 2017

Increasing number of small businesses have mobile apps. Your business too needs an app to promote your products or service on mobile devices. Mobile app design is essential due to the fact that most of your potential consumers like to use apps to browse and purchase products or services. The importance of mobile apps for … Continue reading

SEO Trends

[Infographic] 6 Top SEO Trends For 2017

Search engine optimization is all about the techniques and efforts to rank up websites on the search results and maintain the high rankings. The potential consumers can spot a high ranked website on the search results immediately, implying that more consumers will visit the website and most of them may buy products or services or … Continue reading

UX design trends for 2017

[Infographic] UX Design Trends for 2017

Usually, people get attracted to websites that look good. But, it is equally important to have a user experience (UX) design so that it gets easier for the people to navigate through the site. The audience should feel that they are seeing their tastes and preferences while interacting with your website. In short, ensure that … Continue reading

graphic design trends 2017

[Infographic] Top 6 Graphic Design Trends of 2017

These days, Internet has become the primary market for businesses and the place where customers notice almost all of the brands they go on to patronize. We have, over the past decade, entered a new age of marketing where a business’s web presence and how it portrays itself on the internet is much more important … Continue reading

Web Design Trends

[Infographic] Top 8 Web Design Trends For 2017

Websites are an essential part of doing business in the modern day highly competitive environment. A website is usually the first source of information on everything including products or services of a company. But web design trends and techniques have been changing fast over the years due to competition to catch the users’ attention. Website … Continue reading

How To Start Your Own Business

[Infographic] How To Start Your Own Business

Long gone are the days, when launching a new business was considered to be a thing only meant for those with deep pockets. Over the years, a number of small businesses and startups have created a buzz with their stellar business idea, zero-hierarchy culture, passion and energy. But entrepreneurship is no mean feat, it’s like … Continue reading

How To Use Linkedin for Business

Free Guide: An Introduction to Linkedin for Business

Though not as popular as Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is by far one of the best social networking sites to reach out to and connect with people, especially business  people. Many of us join LinkedIn just because we receive an invitation from a friend but we don’t realize it’s usefulness. For us, “It’s not our … Continue reading

How To Use Twitter for Business

Free Guide: An Introduction to Twitter for Business

People looking to know what’s happening in and around the world, people looking to share their views or wisdom, and even those looking to connect with others from across the globe, all flock to just one place these days – Twitter. With more than 300 million active users and over 120,000 tweets sent every second, … Continue reading

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