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Leonard Lude Gets Impressive Wine Bottle Label Design

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Wine Label Design

Last updated on October 25th, 2017

The client, Leonard Lude was looking for a wine bottle packaging label design that could do justice to the business that he planned to launch soon. He was traditionally supplying to several top-notch winemakers in Italy and now was planning to start his own wine label. So, he began scouting for the right bottle packaging label design and stumbled upon Designhill’s interactive crowdsourcing platform. And in an endeavor to make sure that his label becomes a name that every wine connoisseur may reckon with, he decided to launch a design hunt contest on Designhill. He soon met with the success when several designers responded with the creative design entries. The client was finally able to pick up a winning wine bottle label design. The winning design was from Lavrilhood who was awarded with the cash prize of $ 559 for his excellent efforts.

The client found it difficult to choose the winning design from so many impressive design entries in response to the contest. The winning entry depicts the client’s business aspirations perfectly. The design is neat and clean in its appearance and is a visual delight. The letters ‘C’ and ‘D’ are artistically designed on the label and represent the company name Capriano Dell Cole Wine. The text White Wine is mentioned above the two letters ‘C’ and ‘D’, announcing the type of wine in the bottle. Then, there is some text at the bottom of the label to provide some crucial information about the wine. There is some paramedical figures arranged beautifully at the top part of the packaging label and it indicates the traditions of wine making and represents the company’s involvement and expertise in the business.

In the following winning design for the wine bottle label design contest, you can inspect the elements incorporated cleverly to create the label.
Leonard Lude Gets Impressive Wine Bottle Label Design
The designer chose purple color as main color for the wine bottle design. Purple is the color of royalty and can be easily linked with the luxury of drinking costly wines. To evoke a pleasant contrast of colors and to make the bottle visible from a distance, the designer designed the cap of the bottle in red which has a shade of pink as well. The text is in white color in the dark background of the label. The choice of serif font for the text is ideal to depict the informal mood of enjoying the wine.

In the design brief, the client had mentioned that ‘We own a couple of vineyards in Italy and have been traditionally supplying to various Wine Makers in Italy. But now we are starting our own wine label by the name of Capriano Del Colle from the province of Brescia. ‘’ The client wanted an attractive and eye-catching design but at the same time he wanted it to resonate an earthy vintage look.

After the client launched the wine bottle packaging label design contest on Designhill, around 8 talented designers responded to the contest. They came out with 33 design entries. The client finally got a perfect logo to represent his wine business as he selected the winning design at entirely affordable costs without many efforts.

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In fact, hundreds of other business owners have successfully received logos by launching design hunt contests at Designhill. They benefited not only by getting impressive logos and other graphic design solutions but they also got the intended designs in a short period and at pocket-friendly costs.

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