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How Logo Designing Can Help You Meet Your Business Goals?

Campbell Jof by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Graphic Design - 3 min read

Last updated on November 10th, 2017

Learn How Your Logo Design Will Help You Achieve Your Business Goals.

You must be wondering as to what is the interconnection between a logo and your business goals.  However, before you try hard and scratch your head to arrive at an answer just have a look at some of the popular business logos here in below.

What can you view them? Starting from the very first business logo, till the last one in my short series, you will see how businesses are trying to portray their businesses symbolically? And in what ways they are using their logo design to depict their business goals. In effect, they are attempting to achieve their business goals through their logo shape and design.

A closer look at some business goal oriented logos



(Source: internetretailing.net)


Let’s start with ‘air business’ logo. Simply looking at the logo (ball representing the world and the yellow encircle showing the moving around nature of the company’s business), one can easily make out that the company is into air business category that could be either courier services or mail distribution.



 (Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/)

Likewise, ‘leap for business’ logo showcases a person taking a leap after being equipped with better management and educational skills required for effective business management.


Now have a closer look at ‘Elite Motors’ logo.



 (Source: galleryhip.com)

What can you visualize? Yes there appears a car in an orange outline with two words: sales and service written on it. As soon as an individual comes across such a logo, immediately he or she can make out that the company must be a vehicle dealer or sales service provider.


Moving onto the Green Business Logo, I’m sure most of you must have got the glimpse of the message being conveyed by ‘Bay Area’.


(Source: reachthefuture.org)

Yes, it indeed is a perfect combination of twin colors: green and blue; upper green portion rendering the greenery preservation job being done by the organization while the lower blue portion describing their work in the field of water animal conservation!

So, now you know how a logo can be used to accomplish the business goals of your organization irrespective of your trade type and model. A quick recap of what we have already gone through will make things all the more clear and help you arrive at a workable logo. However, you should keep few things in mind before getting on to your logo so that it spells out your business objectives in way that is easier for your consumers to understand.

What all should your business logo designing embellish?

  1. Never get carried away by the beautiful shape and design of any sample being presented to you by your logo designer. Do try to locate your business objectives in it and if you aren’t able to do so then maybe you need a better design or a designer for that matter!
  2. If possible do your ‘logo homework’ with only a few responsible and experienced people of your company, so that you get valuable suggestions that will help you reach a really factual company logo. Don’t forget to get initials or your company name in an abbreviated form on the logo. This will help you bring closer to your target customers. Thereafter, you can always incorporate the suggestions being offered to you by your graphic designer. Now you are ready with a realistic logo design.

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