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Menu Design That Enhances Your Customer Base

Campbell Jof by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Menu Design - 1 min read

Last updated on July 5th, 2016

Menu design is a cheap but effective marketing tool for a restaurant as the customers generally go through whole of the menu before ordering something to eat and drink. So, create a menu design to enhance your restaurant’s brand image. You should also know about preferences of the customers. Here are some tips to make your menu more useful for the visitors.

Tips for Menu design which can increase your customers.

1.Your restaurant menu should have drinks placed first as customers almost always like to order drinks before ordering starters and main course food items. Moreover, placing of beverages at the top, above the appetizers, will prompt the customers to order one. So, put your custom drinks first to satiate the customers  thirst.Also, avoid putting dollar sign as part of your Menu Design so that it doesn’t act as a reminder to your customers about the money they will be spending.

2.Have some pictures of foods taken by professional photographers and print the images on the menu at strategic places. The pictures create a dining environment in your restaurant. But make sure that pictures are only few as they are usually considered by customers to be unrealistic. Instead, provide written description of the food items as the diners are always more interested to know about ingredients of food etc.

For new design ideas, you can crowd source your menu design contest to sites such as Designhill. Your design brief will attract several designers from across the world so that you can select a winning menu design of your choice at affordable costs.

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