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New Hewlett-Packard Logo – What You Can Learn From This Amazing Minimalistic Design

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New Hewlett-Packard Logo What You Can Learn From This Amazing Minimalistic Design
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When HP [Hewlett-Packard] launched world’s thinnest laptop model Spectre 13 this year, it got quick attention for two major reasons. First for it being only 10.4 mm thick and second for its new sleek logo. However, while customers were expecting the company to come out with something extraordinary on technology department with the new line of laptops, they had no idea that the company created a new logo for the laptop model.

Redesigning an old logo is risky in most cases. People generally feel emotionally attached to old logos and symbols. However, the gamble paid off for the company. People soon started liking the logo and talked about the stunning impact the recreated Spectre logo made on them.

The company redesigned its conventional logo especially for the new Spectre laptop model with a purpose. It wished to project a new brand image in target market. Also, since the new laptop was marketed as world’s thinnest laptop, the company thought it fit to launch the device with a sleek looking new logo.

Take a look at the Spectre 13 logo

Here is the Traditional HP logo

A deeper look at the new logo reveals that it is in fact a strategically tweaked design of the company’s traditional logo.

Created On Minimalistic Design Principles

As you can notice, the new Spectre 13 logo is a minimalistic design. Minimalistic graphic design is the latest fad amongst graphic designers. This design trend implies that bare minimum design elements should be retained in a design to convey a message. Therefore, all extra colors, lines, symbols, images, shapes etc should be ruthlessly removed from a logo or any graphic design to give it a simple but sophisticated look.

HP’s Spectre 13 logo also adheres to these minimalistic design principles. The new logo has four simple strips that, instead of spelling out company name, give a hint of the name. The letters h and p of old logo are non-existent in the Spectre 13 logo. In the new logo, old letters have been transformed into individual four strips of varied lengths.

The four strips spell out company name and message without putting doubts in viewers’ mind. People are already familiar with old HP logotype that had company name in sans-serif typeface. Memory of the old logo helps them to equate the new four symbolic strips with the company name. They can quickly recall the brand name by glancing at the strips. This shows that for turning conventional logos into modern minimalistic designs, the designers do not have to make drastic changes. Instead, they just need to remove unwanted elements and tweak the design a little.

The Slant Retained

There is yet another aspect of the Spectre 13 logo worth noting. The typical slant of the letters in conventional HP logo continues to be there in the new one. The slant of the strips is the same as of old sans-serif logo of the company. The slant element was retained with a purpose. The distinct slant of the strips reminds audience of the old logo and they can recall the HP brand quickly.

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Aimed At Loyal Customers

The new logo addresses loyal customers. The target customers for Spectre line of laptops are the ones who already recognize the company’s technological abilities. They can identify the HP brand by looking at the strip logo. However, fresh customers may take time to be familiar with the logo and associate it with the brand.

The Learning Points

Here are some of the lessons that logo designers can learn from Spectre 13 logo redesign.

• Redesigned logos should be sleek and sophisticated symbols

• No need to overhaul old design completely

• Just a bit of wise tweaking of some elements is usually enough to give logo a refreshing look

• Prefer following minimalistic design principles

• Remove all undesirable design elements of colors, fonts etc and keep only those necessary for conveying your new brand message. Design logos in one font and color only as a preference.

• Need for redesigning a logo often arises usually when a company wishes to make a fresh brand projection in market.

Therefore, know the brand message first so that you can incorporate and convey it in the logo design while tweaking the elements.

We are sure you will consider these tips when redesigning logos. After all, logos are responsible for introducing your brand to target audience and making a memorable impact on them with a message.

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