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Should You Redesign Your Logo?

by John Kash Tweet - in Logo Design - 3 min read

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Last updated on February 2nd, 2017

Logos are the symbols that the consumers see very often when they go to shop for the products or services your business offers. Your company logo is perhaps the very first thing that the customers look for consciously in order to establish quality and other attributes, so that they get maximum bang for their bucks. In fact, your company logo serves your business in many ways including creating brand reorganization amongst the customers. But should you redesign your logo frequently or even once to reinvigorate your brand’s identity?

This is one of the major questions, since many small businesses are often found redesigning their logos. Even some established businesses also redesign their logos whenever they feel that their business is not doing so well and the revenue growth is not matching their expectations. But experts believe that redesigning a company logo every now and then may greatly impact the business of the company as consumers may it find to remember.

Many businesses go for logo redesign whenever they make some changes in their line of business. There are some popular brands that change their logos whenever they alter their business profile partially or fully. And then, there are others who think that the consumers do not relate to the logo and hence, redesign their logos. Each business owner may have their own set of reasons for redesigning their company logo.

But the fact of the matter is that any logo takes considerable time before it actually yields the results for its business owner. So it makes sense not to expect the logo to give boost to your business overnight. Even logos of many global companies did not bring success to their businesses instantly and took many years before they finally got some reorganization.

 logo designExperts say that success of global companies’ logo is due to the fact that these organizations can reach to millions of people. When the logo of these companies is seen by huge number of people, it naturally becomes recognizable and identifiable identity for the business. This is the reason why most of the global companies have logos that people can instantly recall or connect with. This shows that if you are a small company, the chances are that your logo will take many years before it achieves an iconic stature. This is because your business itself may take many more years before it spans globally. So, a logo’s success in terms of reorganization from people depends a lot on how well has your business expended over the years.

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Frequent redesigning of your logo can confuse your customers. They take the message that you are not confident in the quality of products or services you offer. They also find it little difficult to recognize a logo, if there are many changes made in its design. It means that they may not recall your business immediately by looking at your new logo and hence, you may lose customers to your competitors.

So, do not change your logo design just because you do not like it or people do not give it the reception you had expected. Just bear in mind that the logo will take some time to establish recognition for itself. And, never change your logo just because you are tired of seeing the same logo for many years.

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