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Responsive Web Design – Adapt To Different Screen For Greater Customer Base

by Designhill Tweet - in Website Design - 1 min read

Responsive Website Design

Last updated on October 10th, 2017

Responsive Web Design - Adapt to different screen for greater customer base
Responsive web design is fast picking up as a trend that fulfills a basic necessity for the web surfers and business owners. This type of design is referred as Adaptive Web Design or Fluid Web Design. The design is all about making a website user-friendly for different screen sizes of devices such as smartphones and tablets.

A website specially designed for larger desktop screen has greater amount of text and pictures and viewers can easily have a grand view of the website. But the same design of websites does not appear the same on small screen of smartphones and tablets since most of the parts of the sites are not seen. The text also appears in different form and shape. Therefore, you need to create responsive web design.

Responsive website design uses a script that finds out the screen size of a device that a user is having to search web pages. The script can detect each device such as laptop, smartphone and tablet to find the screen size. Then, the script uses a CSS to display the site in an appropriate format as per the screen size of the device. The responsive web design is responsible for changing a site to drop down system from horizontal one and the text will also appear larger on small screen.

Just when a website adapts the responsive web design, the site is viewed using fluid, flexible images and proportion-based grids and also CSS3 media queries. The flexible images are sized according to the screen size of a device.

Almost all websites are now shifting towards responsive web development to avoid disappointment for the users.


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