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Salient Features Of Event Management Company Logo Design

Jelly Shah by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design - 4 min read

Last updated on September 5th, 2017

Event management companies are constantly on their toes to beat the competition in the market as thousands of small and big players are mushrooming up, almost every day. They always seek ways of grabbing the attention of potential clients. And to do that, they invent new marketing strategies. But such competitive event managers enter a market and approach the clients confidently as their company’s excellent logo design has already won hearts of the people and the clients.

So, the secret to winning new contracts from the market is to have a nice logo that conveys your company’s message of durable quality services. Your company may be specializing in managing different events. For instance, you may be handling events such as birthdays and weddings or you may be good at organizing corporate events like conferences and business meets. The logo is the face of your company. So, the company logo design must be exclusive and distinctive.

Here are the features of company logo design of popular event management companies –

Long-lasting style

An event management company wants to stay in the market for years to come. But if its logo design has elements that indicate to a new design trend then you need to change the design shortly when the trend fades away. A disadvantage for the company in changing the company logo design frequently is that the viewers have to renew their memories in order to become familiar with the logo once again and it may take a considerably long time.

So, opt for a logo design style that lasts for many years and pick a style that has a long lasting impact on the viewers. If your logo style gives the impression of being too informal, people may not take your event organization business seriously. It would be good if you opt for a formal logo design which is indicative of the seriousness involved in organizing an event at a larger scale with efficiency and management skills.

The company logo design of Dream Merchants Event Management adopts a style that has classic elements with a modern use of fonts and color. The company can keep the logo for its lasting design style.

Dream Merchant Company Logo Design

Unique logo with brand identity

Your company logo design must stand out in the market. The clients who look for an efficient event organizer get the first impression of professionalism of your company by looking at your logo. If it looks similar to many other logos, it will garner a negative impression for your company. Therefore, make sure that the logo is unique in shape, size, color, fonts and overall design. Only such a logo is memorable!

Moreover, a unique logo is capable of creating a brand identity for your business. When people recognize your logo and its business, it helps in building an image and identity of a reliable service provider. So, ask your designer to ensure a design that relates to your business.

This logo from Urbane City Events is impressive due to its unique use of the fonts to create the environment of urban culture of enjoyment. A hint of skyscrapers designed in the letter U is unique and the flying papers are indicative of festive mood and activities of the cities.

Colors that speak about your business

Colours play a key role in determining the success of any logo including that of your event management company. While picking up right colours, you should make sure that the colours for logo also match with an overall colour scheme of your organization. You  may already have a website, blog, business cards, brochures etc. where you must have used your company colours. Your logo must incorporate these colours so that people or the clients can identify your business and company.

Colors should be used to give your company’s message. For example, if you run a wedding event Management Company, pink may be a good choice for your logo design. If you specialize in organizing conferences, blue may be the right choice as a formal color with hints of socializing. Similarly, colors for logos of sports management should express energy.

Events Forum Company Logo Design

Use fonts carefully for your company logo design

Fonts in the logo for an event organizer company are a crucial element and should be used very carefully. Since event management is a tedious job and involves a high degree of professionalism and serious approach, the fonts must convey all these attributes. For this reason, almost all of such organizations’ logos have formal fonts.


Unica Company Logo Design

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