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A Simple Logo Design For Recognition

by John Kash Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read

Logo Design

Last updated on May 18th, 2017

Can viewers recognize your company’s logo easily? Do not think that more launching of products in the market will automatically create a recognition for your logo? Some may be of the opinion that the products or services will carry the logo to the people and repeated buying will result in memorizing of the logo design. But that does not happen and it should be always kept in mind by the designers.

If a logo design is complex and viewers fail to understand any underlying meaning, then they are not going to recognize the logo. They may be buying your products for different reasons and still they may be forgetting the logo design of your company. Ultimately, there may come a time when competitors take charge of the market as they have a better logo that the viewers and targeted customers can easily recognize and this will result in loss of business to the company having a complex design of the logo.


To keep the design simple, ensure that only fewer design elements such as colors and fonts are incorporated. Do not use more than three colors as part of the logo design. A rainbow of colors should be reserved only for logo that represents a business selling kids products. A simple outline of the design is desirable instead of some abstract figures carved out by the designers.

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Another advantage of a simple logo design is that it allows for flexibility in size. Your design should be able to work on a tiny space of one inch also without loss of detail. If you look at the logos of global companies such as Mitsubishi, Samsung, BBC, FedEx etc., you will find that their logos are simple and viewers can easily recognize them without any difficulty due to simple design.

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