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Single Or Multiple Letter Logo Design, Which Suits To Your Business?

Henny Kel by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read

Last updated on November 5th, 2015

One of the dilemmas that designers usually go through in creating logo design is deciding over the use of letters. The decision becomes even more difficult to take if the client has not made the choice known to the designer. It is up to the creative thinking and skill of the logo designer to arrive at the perfect choice of creating a single letter or multiple letter design for logo.

There are shining examples in both the categories of single and multiple letter logo design. If we take a brief look at both the examples, we come to know that there are excellently designed logos. For instance, Macdonald’s logo design has capital letter M in logo and it has successfully communicated the business message of the company to the targeted audience. In the multiple letter category, Coca Cola logo is a famous example with many letters creating the design. New Wave, Perfect Crowd, Chameleon and many others can be cited as multiple letter logos.


So, what should be your base for deciding if a single or multiple logo design will be right for your client’s business? Single-letter logos are more impressive for their simple design. Since there is one letter, the viewers can easily recall the logo if properly designed. The targeted customers do not have to remember many letters.
Single-letter logo gives liberty to the designer for being creative. The designer can creatively mend and bend a single letter into an effective business message. This the reason that single letter design are the most popular also.

Multiple-letter logo design has the advantage that customers can easily memorize the company’s full name. The designers use these types logos to make the company’s name popular with the customers. Since there are many letters involved, the designers has to express his creative wisdom in judicious way.

Multiple-letter logo design

To conclude, we can say that while single-letter logo design is more attractive due to simplicity of the design, multiple-letters have their own attraction too. The designer should choose the one that suits to the company’s business and its message to the customers.

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