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10 Strategic Tips from Top Experts to Increase Social Media ROI

Social media is one of the most crucial segments of your brand’s total outreach strategy. Posting daily updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., is now almost rudimentary. In order to truly stand out and grab your target audience’s attention, your business needs to post intelligently and start thinking outside the box. How do you this? … Continue reading

Social media integration

How To Integrate Your Email Marketing With Your Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing is regarded as more effective when compared to social media marketing as the latter one could be messy and daunting to be measured. However, a marketing strategy that has taken the advertising industry by storm is the integration of social media marketing and email marketing. This means that you are taking advantage of … Continue reading

Social Media Page Design

Interesting Tips To Achieve The Best Social Media Page Design

In this highly socialized world, every business has its own social media page for different social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. It is important for the online businesses to have profile picture, background images and cover images in eye catching designs. Here are certain tips to achieve the best … Continue reading

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How to Boost Your Startup’s Social Media Presence

Are you a newly-setup startup trying to promote your business through social media? Today, with more than 1.41 billion active users on Facebook, 288 million users on Twitter, 347 million on  LinkedIn and 70 million on Pinterest, it is essential that you have accounts across all social media paltforms to get your startup the initial … Continue reading


3 Copywriting Tips To Increase Engagement On Social Media

You spend hours and hours deciding over what to post, finding that perfect image for the content that you have created. You share this post of yours on every social media media platform one can think of, hoping that it might increase the number of followers you have. And then, you wait. Wait for a … Continue reading


4 Power-Packed Ways to Boost Your Visibility on Pinterest This 2016

Pinterest is one of the most effective visual social media with more than 100 million daily active users. The social channel boasts of over 500 billion Pinterest pins. Surely, this channel is a massive platform that you would not like to slip out of your hands when you plan to draw people from across the … Continue reading

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5 Power Tips to Secure Your Business’ Linkedin Account This 2016

LinkedIn is one of the most ideal social platforms for professionals from all industries. They all put efforts on this channel to promote their business interests. But, like any other online platform, LinkedIn has its share of security concerns. Since you share crucial personal and business information with others on the channel, first make it … Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing Trends To Win the Game In 2016

Social media offers plenty of free opportunities in the form of rock-solid platforms and advertising options so that you can put your content for public consumption. However, the world of social media evolving rapidly with new platforms launched every year and new features rolled out every quarter. Since an ever-increasing number of new features appear … Continue reading


How Best to Exploit Social Media for Your Small Business?

Most business owners explore social media to effectively convey their brand message to their target audiences. But given the fierce competition on the social media landscape, businesses and content marketers are forced to become more creative than ever before in their content endeavors. If you’re a creative thinker, then graphic designing is an easy business … Continue reading

social media page design

10 Social Media Tools For Small Businesses

Social media is an essential platform for small businesses looking to generate leads, directly connect with target audience, garner media mileage and build a solid brand. Quite expectedly, most small businesses ensure professional social media page designs and a fool proof social media marketing strategy to get—and hold—the attention of their target audience. However, in … Continue reading

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