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T-Shirt Design Trends to Look Out for In 2016

by Designhill Tweet - in Graphic Design - 3 min read

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Last updated on September 7th, 2017


T-shirts are no more simple clothing with plain colors and little lettering. As a matter of fact, t-shirts today have become the way to show the attitude, personality of the wearers. And T-shirts are no more for personal use only. A large number of businesses have started using T-shirts to promote their brand and stand out in the ever-so-competitive market. Because, t-shirts spell out a message for viewers, marketers are using them as a tool to build an identity for their respective brands.

In 2016, new elements from nature and societies are creeping into t-shirt designs. Already, indications of a variety of patterns incorporated in the designs are very much there, but such trends will develop further in the coming months. When you set out to create a trendy t-shirt design, make sure that you are aware of what is the ‘in-thing’ and try to design something that helps you stand out from the crowd of tasteless and insipid designs.

Take a look at these t-shirt design trends that you are most likely to see around frequently in 2016.

1. Use of Bird Elements – Birds are fascinating figures for designers looking to express aspirations, mystery, nature and many other attributes. In 2016, remarkable patterns including abstract features will be the major features as part of fantasy t-shirt themes. Prints of songbirds, peacocks and other such exotic birds are likely to dominate the design scene.

Use of Bird Elements in T-Shirt Designs

[Image Source: http://downloadt-shirtdesigns.com]


2. Use of Nature Related Elements – Beauty of Mother Nature will be yet another major theme that will dominate the world of t-shirt designs in 2016. This is because now people are more concerned about the environment. Consequently, t-shirts will display plant textures, abstract textures, collected specimen and colorful botany to reflect concerns of masses about Mother Nature.


Nature Related Elements T-Shirt Design

[Image Source: http://downloadt-shirtdesigns.com]

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3. Use of Pirate-Art – A spirit of adventure and aspirations to visit a world where very few have ventured before may also be heavily incorporated in t-shirt design in 2016. We’re sure that the ever-so-fascinating pirate art will find more place on t-shirts with variety of deep sea adventurism symbols. We’re sure you’ll come across a range of pirate skulls, mythical sea creatures, rope details and octopuses on t-shirts this 2016.

Pirate-Art Tshirt Design

[Image Source: http://downloadt-shirtdesigns.com]

4. Use of Comic Characters – Comic characters remain popular with a large fraction of people as such it has become the surefire way to catch attention of viewers. On t-shirts, playful cartoons, twisted faces, and photographic prints of comic book superheroes with 90s-style and amusing messages will be chief attraction in 2016.

Use of Comic Characters in T-Shirt Design

[Image Source: http://downloadt-shirtdesigns.com]

5. Use of Bizarre Imagery – In an effort to create unique t-shirt designs, designers may even go to the extent of using bizarre elements. They may choose to use dark and macabre theme, human anatomy, workplace of a Victorian surgeon and the scenes from pre-anesthesia operating theatre. We’re sure a lot of bizarre yet amazing tshirt designs will rule all hearts in the year 2016.

Bizarre Imagery T-Shirt Design

[Image Source: http://downloadt-shirtdesigns.com]

While these inspiring t-shirt design trends will be frequently experienced by people, other design patterns including street art, floral art, blurry images and nostalgic content.

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