9 Great Resources for Logo Design Education

9 Great Resources for Logo Design Education

Logo design is ever evolving field of graphic design with new concepts and techniques emerging regularly. But whether you are a professional graphic designer or a beginner, some basics have to be kept in mind. You can experiment or be creative only by following the dos and don’ts advised by the experts. A thoughtfully designed … Continue reading

Brand Identity

How Logo Longevity Creates Brand Identity

Brand identity is one of the most crucial aspects of doing business in a highly competitive marketplace. Your company has to establish a credibility amongst the targeted customers so that they revisit your products and services and build a loyalty for your business. An impressive logo design that can convey right message should also be … Continue reading

Logo Maker

Explore Software To Create Impressive Logo Design

If you want to create an impressive logo, then you should be able to make good use of logo maker software. The software can be explored for the purpose of incorporating the right choice of colors, fonts and other design elements. A fantastic logo is the one that is made up of perfect color combinations, … Continue reading

Things that make a poor logo design

Things That Make A Poor Logo Design

A logo design is supposed to carry a message for the viewers. But when it fails to do so, such a bad design can even ruin the very business it represents due to confusion created in the minds of the targeted customers. We can give several examples of logo design that failed. One of the … Continue reading