Create A Pencil Pattern Brush  Step - 4

How To Create A Pencil Pattern Brush In Easy Steps (Part-2)

Pencil pattern brush is often used by graphic designers to create a unique impression and convey some specific message to viewers. This easy to follow tutorial takes you on a journey to create pencil pattern brush in Abode Illustrator conveniently. In the first installment of the tutorial, we revealed the techniques to set up a … Continue reading

5 Valentine Day Gifts 1

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Techno-Freak Design Geeks

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time you scrambled through the racks of gift shops to make your partner feel special. But, is your loved one deeply obsessed with graphic designs and design gadgets? If you’re nodding your head in yes, brace yourself, for finding that perfect “I love you” gift isn’t … Continue reading

Fontface Ninja

Top 5 Useful Online Resources for Graphic Designers

Being a successful graphic designer is no mean feat! In fact, it takes a lot of creativity, patience and skills to emerge as a winner in in the world of graphic designing. But only acquiring necessary skills does not guarantee success as a designer. It is vital for one to constantly sharpen creativity and nurture … Continue reading

Matt (H) Booth

New Year Resolutions of Leading Graphic Designers

Happy New Year to you all and especially to the graphic designers since this blog is dedicated to them. So, what professional resolutions have you made for the New Year in order to move your career to the next stage as a designer? Surely, you have learnt lessons both from the mistakes you made and … Continue reading


Where to Find Graphic Designers for Your Company?

Your marketing funds cannot match the huge financial capacities of big companies since you have recently started exploring the business opportunities in a market. While your small company is in its nascent stage, you can work well with graphic designs that good enough to introduce your products or services to the targeted audience. Gradually, you … Continue reading

Illustrative Logo Designs

Which Logo Design Type Suits To Your Business?

Graphic designers create logos after considering many aspects of the design and also a client’s business. They make it certain that a logo is capable of communicating with the targeted customers and helps in reaching them with business message. So, selection of right type of logo is crucial to create a brand identity for your … Continue reading


Graphic Designers: Where Do We Go From Here?

Graphic designers: where do we go from here? We don’t know, but one man having a good go at answering this tricky conundrum is Ken Garland  a man whose solutions are likely to be better than most. Ken Garland Associates in the studio, 1982 (Kens on the right) Garland, who is now in his 80s, … Continue reading

Fons Hickmann

German Graphic Designer Fons Hickmann Holds Workshop in Tehran

(Image Source: TEHRAN:  The renowned German graphic designer Fons Hickmann held a workshop on the art of typography at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art on Thursday. A number of Iranian graphic students attended the workshop, which was organized by the Iranian Graphic Designers Society (IGDS). In address at the workshop, Hickmann said that he … Continue reading


What Does a Graphic Designer Do to Meet Client Expectations

What does a graphic designer do to meet client expectations? Graphic designers are professionals who work to create designs that meet the expectations of the business owners and the targeted customers alike. So, a graphic designer job is to satisfy both the business and the audience . This means that a great design is liked … Continue reading