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An Insider’s Guide to the History of Logo Design

We bet you must have seen hundreds and thousands of logos vying for your attention. A custom logo design is a visual version of what your company stands for. It yields enough power to drive success for your brand as it largely impacts user perception towards your brand identity. Quite expectedly, it remains one of the most … Continue reading

Top 10 Cleaning & Maintenance Logo Designs of 2014

Top 10 Cleaning & Maintenance Logo Designs of 2014

A logo is a stamp of what a cleaning & maintenance company is all about and what is its nature, vision and goal. No wonder, it is considered so important for promoting essential cleaning & maintenance businesses such as commercial cleaning, janitorial services, deep cleaning and general maintenance businesses. Since a logo is often the … Continue reading

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Top 10 Logo Designs for Architectural Business for Inspiration

Architecture is a highly competitive field that constantly requires extravagant dose of creativity and artistry for building exquisite yet strong edifices. However, running a successful architectural business requires much more than just creativity. To run a successful architecture business, you need to effectively connect to clients and build a strong brand. And the best way … Continue reading

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17 Logo Designs You Will Actually Remember

Chances are that you have seen at least several thousand different logo designs throughout your life so far. The vast majority of them may seem to slip out of your memory almost immediately after slipping into it. However, there are quite a few in comparison that will actually stick. Here are 17 iconic logo designs that … Continue reading

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Advantages Of Logo Design Crowdsource

Small business owners have a very small budget and so they want to spend on much on graphic design products such as logos. They can always explore logo design crowdsource sites to reduce their costs on creating an effective logo to represent their businesses. Affordability of the logo design is the biggest motivating factors for … Continue reading