How Would Global Logos Look in Their Classic Avatars?

Some of the most admired companies such as McDonald’s, Twitter, Nike, and Apple amongst a host of others boast of creatively inspiring Global logos that have been created using new set of modern graphic design principles. Many of the designers, who created these logos, have a great reputation in the design circuit as they are … Continue reading

Logo Design

Is Redesigning Of Famous Logos Right?

Many famous logos have gone through phases of redesigning. Most of such famous logos are of global companies. So, why they opt for creating a new look of logo which represented the business and the company for decades? Burger King, Firefox, Pizza Hut, Discovery, The Science Channel, Fanta, KFC, MSNBC, BBC and many more – … Continue reading


IFC Unveils Brand Refresh with New Logo Design

IFC Unveils Brand Refresh with New Logo Design. IFC has launched a new brand redesign encompassing a new logo design, a new look (on-air, online, in print – basically everywhere.), new on-air promotions and a fresh approach to how the network speaks to viewers and advertisers that better reflects the comedy channel’s “Always On Slightly Off” … Continue reading