HTML5 new structural elements

Exclusive Expose: Top 5 Differences Between HTML4 And HTML5

HTML5 has long caught the world’s fancy and has gradually transcended to become the new web development standard. With key HTML5 elements being supported by all major browsers, it’s no wonder why an increasingly higher number of developers prefer using HTML5 over HTML4. However, for many fans and admirers of HTML4, the transition to HTML5 … Continue reading


Value Of Logo Branding For Your Company

Many companies and their authorities are not aware of how logo branding can help their business. But it is a fact that in today’s highly competitive world of business, you cannot survive without branding your logo as it makes a significant difference. A logo is not merely a representation of your business or company. More … Continue reading

Catalogue Design

Enhance Your Brand Image Through Catalogue Design

Customers often get the first impression about quality of products and services of a business by looking at its catalogue. The way a business is highlighted and described in its catalogue gives the custormers an assurance that the products are of a high quality, therefore, a catalogue design should generate this assurance about quality. Your … Continue reading


Launching A Logo Design Contest – Opt For Websites With Money Back Guarantee

One of the most advantageous aspects of crowdsourcing your logo design contest is that your investment in the contest is entirely safe. Design crowdsourcing sites such as Designhill carry the feature of 100% Money Back Guarantee. Under this feature, the contest holder can demand the entire contest budget back from the site if the contest … Continue reading