6 Common Traits of Successful Designers

Are you a designer who aspires for making it big in the field and wishes to contribute with really great works? Do not think that there is some secret formula to reach to the status of legendary designers. They all started by learning the tricks of the trade and climbed the ladder gradually. They all … Continue reading


Power Of Black In Graphic Design

There is no denying the fact that we are living in a colorful world. Colors are splashed across the web and people today throng websites where everything is painted in colors except most of the text. So, at first talking about use of black in graphic design seems to be a waste of time. But … Continue reading

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Key Advantages Of Crowdsourcing Your Graphic Design Work

The trend of crowdsourcing is now an established one in almost every field including graphic design. Small and medium companies use online design marketplaces to explore advantages such as quick access to the design and affordability.   There are dozens of online design marketplaces active today and offering the much-required services. These are simple sites … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald Reveals 7 New NSA Crimes Against Graphic Design

Glenn Greenwald’s new book No Place to Hide based on his work with Edward Snowdenis unlikely to change many minds on National Security Agency surveillance given the vast amount of information that the Snowden/Gellman/Greenwald/Poitras crew has already brought to light. But Greenwald is publishing a bunch of new documents to the web concurrent with the book’s release, and … Continue reading


Graphic Design Student “Redesigns” Iconic Dr. Zizmor Subway Ads

Regardless of what he looks like in real life now, Dr. Zizmor’s iconic ads are an integral part of the subway. Dr. Marvin Lagstein just doesn’t quite cut it, ya know? But one graphic design student at the School of Visual Arts had an aesthetic allergic reaction to the ads—and made the controversial decision to … Continue reading

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Design Manual Reveals Rich Graphic Identity of NYC’s Subway System

Produced for the MTA by designers Massimo Vignelli and Bob Noorda back in the 70’s, graphics Standards Manual’ had a distinct design language which included a very simple yet powerful feel and was created to portray information and direction to millions. Developed at a time where corporate identities were yearning to be prophetic icons in … Continue reading