Gallery Covenant Church Religious Themed Logo Designs

Top 10 Religious Themed Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

Churches, religious establishments, and other non-profits are constantly out there trying to create a strong brand image that belongs in the 21st century in order to target the new-age devotees and religious aficionados. Perhaps the most important step for any church, religious establishment or other non-profit seeking to create a buzz around their brand is … Continue reading

Freelancers or Design Agencies

How To Get a New Logo Design for Floral Business Start-up

We all love flowers and use them for decorations on countless occasions. But they are also a commodity to buy and sell in the market and to make a business out of. Companies involved in floral businesses are doing well as demand for flowers never abates. But your floral business start-up first of all needs … Continue reading

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Top 10 Creative Photography Themed Logo Designs for Your Inspiration

Though every business requires a good logo design, professional photographers and photography firms need one even more than the most. This is because photography industry is unbelievably competitive and the market swarms with hordes of shooters with comparable levels of work. This is when a great logo comes into play to help give you the … Continue reading

Green Chairs Home and Furnishing logo Designs

Top 10 Creative Home and Furnishing logo Designs That Will Leave You Awestruck

Home and furnishing is an inseparable element of one’s household and business. Though there is a multitude of home of furnishing companies in the market offering convenience and class, only a few stands out better as opposed to others. It is the unique home and furnishing themed logo design that helps set such companies a … Continue reading

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‘Horrible Bosses’ Syndrome: What’re Your Best Options?

Well, time for a little reboot! Are you not being paid for the true value of your work? Are you not being credited for your work? Are you forced to do the “grunt work” no one else wants? Your boss doesn’t like you, no matter how hard you work? If you’re nodding your head in … Continue reading

YMCA Logo Design

Top 10 Community & Non-Profit Organizations Logo Designs of 2014

Starting a community and non-profit organization is similar to starting any kind of business. Quite expectedly, you need to have a clear objective, unclaimed business message and niche graphic designs. And a logo is perhaps the best tool to illustrate what a community and non-profit organization is all about and what is its nature, vision … Continue reading