How To Create Digital Art And Marker Style Portrait With Adobe Illustrator (Part 3)

In the part 2 of the tutorial, we learnt tracing and detailing of hairs, nose, eyes, lips and other facial parts. We also learnt how to highlight other things such as blazer, shirt and tie with thick and thin strokes in order to separate the image distinctly from its background. In the third installment of … Continue reading

How to Create Digital Art and Marker Style Portrait with Adobe Illustrator (Part 2)

In Part 1 of the tutorial, we learnt how to set up an Illustrator document, import a portrait and set its transparency. We created two layers, learnt setting up of work area and changing of the brush tool appearance. Going ahead we learnt the usage of paintbrush tool and created calligraphic brush so as to … Continue reading

How To Create Digital Art And Marker Style Portrait With Adobe Illustrator (Part-1)

This tutorial can be of great help to designers who want to learn creation of watercolor and marker style portrait. We’ll be working through easy steps thereby creating digital portrait illustrations that are enriched with unique and tactile feel of marker and watercolor both. Though this tutorial does not focus on using a drawing tablet … Continue reading

Simple Steps to Create Soothing

Simple Steps to Create Soothing Wallpaper With A Message

Last updated on February 9th, 2016 Wallpapers are source of positive messages for the people so that they get inspiration to move forward in life with positivity and enthusiasm. Most wallpapers convey such message through inspiring images and quotes from great philosophers and achievers from history. You can also design eye-catching and soothing wallpapers by … Continue reading

How To Work With Layers In Photoshop/illustrator

Last updated on November 6th, 2017 Photoshop layers are a wonderful way to create graphic design. The layers have in fact revolutionized the way designs are created. The Photoshop files can be placed as numerous layers to overlay them on each other. So, an image is usually made up of many layers when a designer … Continue reading