SEO Strategy in 2017

Why You Must Make Your Website Design a Core Part of Your SEO Strategy in 2017

Website design and search engine optimization are usually considered to be completely separate entities. However, experienced digital marketers insist that there is an integral connection between the two. While keywords, meta tags and titles, content, and backlinks are vital elements of search engine marketing, especially with Google saying that content and links are the first … Continue reading


[Infographic] 7 Website Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make

Since the Internet bursts at its seams with websites that constantly rank high on the usability scale, it has become all the more important for start ups and small businesses to invest in a high-quality and professional website design to catch the attention of the netizens. Remember, catching the attention of your target audience and … Continue reading


How to Decide on the Best Design from a Crowdsource Contest?

Once you’ve launched a design contest to get a new logo, website, or other design for your business, you will begin to get many contest entries – or design ideas – from designers who want to work with you. But the question here is; how do you choose the best design for your business? In … Continue reading


Top 5 Common Mistakes in Website Design

The Internet swarms with millions of different websites. And thousands are created, every hour! With so many useful resources freely available online, building a website is no longer a daunting task for a designer. But the real challenge lies in making the website useful enough for users. More often than not, website designers forget about … Continue reading

Spacing and their effective usages

3 Effective Principles of a Good Website Design

Website design is a challenging artwork. Quite expectedly, web designers work for gruelling hours to develop a website that is technically sound, visually appealing, informative, and offers an easy-to- interact interface. However, only a few amongst the many designers succeed in developing an amazing website. In fact, things are all the more complex for novice … Continue reading

7 Deadliest Web Design Mistakes - 5

An Insight into 7 Deadliest Website Design Mistakes

Web design has vast expanding avenues with so many design elements constantly being added to the design frame. While this offers designers a platform to experiment with their design space, sometimes too much of innovation backfires, seriously affecting their web design architecture. Here, you’ll find a little smattering on 7 deadly web design mistakes that … Continue reading


6 Ultimate Tips That Will Make Your Website User-Friendly

A website is a marketing tool that takes a business to its target customers. So, your business website must be designed for the users and not for you. A user-friendly website is the one that allows its visitors to conveniently find the information they are looking for in the simplest possible steps. Here are some … Continue reading


3 Must Do’s for Creating an Engaging Website Design

The web has millions of websites. Your website is just one of them and it can be easily ignored by the visitors if they do not find it interesting enough. So, before you think of launching a website, make sure that you have a concrete reason to present it to the users. They must find … Continue reading


The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Effective Website Design

Your website showcases the business you run and the services or products offered to the people. But thousands of websites are already running in your niche. So, make sure that the website design is competitive, unique and accessible to your targeted customers. Here are some easy tips to follow while creating your website. Useful and … Continue reading


Tips On How to Incorporate Images Effectively in Your Website Design

Images are a powerful medium of expression aptly reverberated by the phrase that an image is worth a thousand words. In website designing, an image should be of the right size and resolution to make an impact on the viewers. So, besides selection of the right image for your website, additional considerations such as the … Continue reading

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