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Tips to Create Unique Logo Design for Your Business

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read

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Last updated on September 8th, 2017

Modern markets have many influential players who chalk out strategies regularly to dethrone others in order to grab maximum attention of the targeted customers. Your company can survive only if similar aggressive marketing plans are in place. Logo of a company is one of its main marketing strategies as it is stamped everywhere on the ads, products or services, brochures, websites, leaflets and many other such ways of taking a business to the people. However, only a unique logo design can help your business survive the onslaught by the big players.

Here are some great tips to create a unique logo design for your business.

To create a unique logo, you should first have a unique idea. If you observe successful global logos, you will notice that they are based on an idea that is entirely their own. In fact, such an idea is their key to success not only of the logo but of business as well. So, the lesson is that an idea adopted for logo must have never been used before by anyone.

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Many designers try to create a logo in a hurry and so they will adopt a copy-paste approach, meaning that they take an idea from elsewhere and amend it a bit and create a design out of it. This is problematic in many ways. First, it may raise copyright issue later whenever the logo is seen as copied from elsewhere. Secondly, people also can compare the logo with others and know that there are many elements copied from famous logos. In that case, people start loosing faith in the business represented by that logo. This proves to be detrimental for the company and its business. So, your design cannot be called as unique if many other logos have already featured the same idea. So it is necessary for every business to have or choose a unique logo and avoid the copyright issues.

Unique logo

Unique logo

Therefore, first and foremost rule to create a unique logo design is not to copy, borrow and steal other designs. It has to be said since such cases of copied designs are everywhere. A designers likes an idea and all he or she does is to swap some colors, change a word here and there and call the design as his or her own. This practice is not only unethical and illegal but also as harmful to the client’s business.

Another thing to consider while designing a unique logo is that you should strictly keep away from clip art. Use of stock images is against creativity and hence such borrowed pictures cannot make a unique design. Try to think on your own and use your creative powers. Get inspiration from varied sources including books, works of great logo designers etc. and create a logo that is helpful to the client’s business.

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