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Tips and Tricks for Effective Event Management Banner Design

Jelly Shah by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Banner ad Design - 3 min read

Last updated on February 2nd, 2017

Banner ads gained huge popularity as online promotional tool for quite some time and then somehow their effectiveness started being questioned. However, they are back with a bang and are ready to capture your business essence. The entailing blog discusses a few effective tips and tricks for creating appealing and enticing event management banner ads design. So, if you are a designer looking to design an inspiring banner ad design for the first time and you are still not sure where to start from, this could be the best place for you.

Focus on vivid description:

Now you know that you have to design banner ads for an event management company; you have to keep yourself open to different ideas as you may be required to craft a banner ad for different type of events. Events may vary from a simple college seminar to a high profile corporate affair.

Here, you may be faced with a challenge to convey your message effectively without being monotonous or uninteresting. However, make sure you refrain from too much of elaboration as it will devaluate the whole purpose of your banner ad. Bring your event idea into limelight through effectual use of terse phrases and catchy words.

Emphasize on astute use of graphics:

Banner ads are effective ways of grabbing viewers’ attention, but remember too much use of images, logos or graphics can spoil its purpose. Therefore, as an astute designer, try to use graphics at places where it is extremely essential and restrict their use to a bare minimum, so that graphics does not subdue your banner message.


(Image Source: zotho.co.za)

Consider the distance and display time-

This is one key point which is most of the times ignored by even the most experienced banner ad designers. So, before you initiate the design process, it is important for you to know how far your banner ad will be displayed from the targeted readers or viewers. If you banner ad is about a big social event and is supposed to be displayed in a community hall, then font size and graphics must be large enough to make it readable for the people passing by. Effective yet small font size might ruin the magnificence of the event altogether.

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Yet another point to ponder over is the display time of banner ad as it holds prime relevance in context with appropriate font selection. This will facilitate you to craft a design that goes well in terms of text size and ad display schedules.

Event Management Banner Design (Event Management Banner Design)

(Image Source: s150.photobucket.com)

Go right on color combinations-

Make your banner ad as colourful as your clients’ event, but make sure that it does not become difficult for onlookers to understand its message properly. If you wish you can consult your clients to check if they have any specific suggestions or color schemes in their mind.

Color combinations’ golden rule suggests that high contrasting colors used interchangeably on backgrounds and texts are quite easy to read and are visible from even greater distance. You must also mull over the type of event you are designing the ad for, whether it is professional, personal or social. Pink, mauves and bright sparkling yellows can be used for wedding parties while brown, off-white or grey would be more appropriate for small corporate events.

image2(Image source: searchenginejournal.com)

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