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Top 10 Best Signage Designs of 2015 for Your Inspiration3 min read

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Signage Designs

This post was last updated on March 2nd, 2016 at 05:16 pm

Signage Designs
Top 10 Signage Designs Of 2015

It is true that the world has now moved to the digital platform and almost every business is concerned primarily about online advertising and marketing opportunities. But it really wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that creative signage designs make for your best bet when it comes to grabbing the ever-so-connected buyer’s attention. In fact, a report by VCA Global reveals that signage design creates a 31.8% increase in sales volume and 47.7% effectiveness for brand awareness. Given these stats, it’s not difficult to understand why more and more companies are embracing creative signage designs to attract attention, leverage up-sells and influence purchase decisions.

But remember, signage is not just a vehicle for distributing information. It is a complete entertainment package in itself and yields enough power to captivate the audience and engage them at the purchase point. But since the global marketplace is filled to the brim with signage designs trying to summon the attention and interest of buyers, how will you make sure that your signage design stand out from the crowd?

Remember, the rule of the game is simple. You’ll need to get—and hold—the attention of your prospects and buyers and hold it long enough until they’ve paid for your product or service. So, ensure that every element in your signage, from colors to image and from fonts to the overall voice of the design, is able to resonate with your target market in the best possible manner. If you’re able to ensure this, people will be able to remember your brand for a longer time for every time they’ll look at your signage, it’s their experience, their voice, their taste they’ll see.

But designing a creative signage that can take elements of your brand and showcase it to the world in a way that’s even more awesome is easier said than done. In fact, a fair share of designers believe that creating signage that can summon apt attention and interest from target audience is too difficult and too pricey a job. However, with a little passion, a dose of creativity and a dash of inspiration, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility. So, if you too are looking forward to design a creatively stimulating signage or wayfinder,

We present to you top 10 best signage designs of 2015 for your inspiration.

1. Mercedes Benz: Right Brain / Left Brain, 5

Signage design Mercedes Benz Right Brain
Mercedes Benz Right Brain Signage Design

2. Microsoft Identity Signage

Microsoft Identity Signage  Design
Microsoft Identity Signage Design

3. TV3

TV3  Signage  Design
TV3 Signage Design

4. Zoo Zurich

Zoo Zurich Signage  Design
Zoo Zurich Signage Design

5. Milk Bar Identity Signage

Milk Bar Identity Signage Design
Milk Bar Identity Signage Design

6. Eristoff Vodka Campaign Signage

Eristoff Vodka Campaign Signage Design
Eristoff Vodka Campaign Signage

7. Fenway South Wayfinder Signage

Fenway South Wayfinder Signage Design
Fenway South Wayfinder Signage

8. Wayfinder Signage for Hotel Voskresenskoe

Wayfinder Signage for Hotel Voskresenskoe
Wayfinder Signage for Hotel Voskresenskoe

9. PM24

PM24 Signage Design
PM24 Signage Design

10. Spa Iconography System

Spa Iconography System Signage Design
Spa Iconography System Signage Design

We’re sure these creative signage examples must have filled you with oodles of inspiration to start sketching the mock-up for your signage design right away. But before you proceed any further, there’s just one chance to create that killer first impression and in most cases, there are no chances for a do over. So, do well to ensure a creative and unique signage design in order to encourage new customers to give your services or products a try.

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