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Top 10 Telecom Logo of Famous Companies 20144 min read

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Vodaphone Logo Design

This post was last updated on February 2nd, 2017 at 04:02 pm

Some of the largest telecommunication companies in the world possess some of the most recognizable and distinctive logos around. They employ millions of people around the globe and are used by millions every day. Whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, they continually build their brand through their advertisements and campaigns and reinforce the power of their logo on us as consumers.

Gathered here are the top 10 logos for telecommunication companies that made headlines in the year 2014 with their style, elegance and impact.

List of top 10 cool telecom logos and know about the popular telecom companies.

1. AT&T, Inc.

AT & T telecom Logo

AT & T Telecommunication Logo

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, AT&T, Inc. is an American telecom service provider. The company is popular for its long-distance services, broadband and Internet services, wireless communications, managed networking, telecom equipment and wholesale services. AT&T’s elegant and stylish telecom logo is one of the most recognized corporate symbols in the world. The globe in AT&T’s logo is intended to convey that the company has a strong global presence.

2. China Mobile Ltd.

China Mobile Telecom Logo

World’s Largest Telecommunication China Mobile

Headquartered in Hong Kong, China Mobile Ltd. is one of the biggest telecommunication service providers in the world. Its logo brilliantly presents the telecommunication company’s business message to its customers. In addition, the use of blue color in the logo invokes the emotions of trustworthiness and stability.

3. Telstra

Telstra Telecom Logo

Telstra Telecom Logo

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Telstra is one of the world’s most popular telecom and information service providers. Telstra’s stylish and colorful telecom logo is aimed at capturing the diversity of company’s products, services and customers.

4. Singtel

Singtel Telecommunication Logo

Singtel Telecom Logo

Singapore Telecommunications Limited, popularly called Singtel is headquartered in Singapore. It ranks alongside some of the largest mobile network operators in the entire world. Marked by a signature red arc, Singtel’s logo reflects innovation and the ongoing evolution of the company.

5. Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp.

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NTT Telegraph & Telephone Logo

NTT Communication Logo

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and is mainly engaged in telecom services. The company’s simple and elegant logo represents the expanding breadth and depth of services that the company aims to provide to its customers.

6. America Movil Telecom Logo

America Movil Logo

America Movil Telecom Logo

Headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, America Movil is one of the popular wireless telecommunications service providers. America Movil’s stylish logo aptly represents that the company is leading the industry in delivering best-in-class services to consumers and business professionals.

7. Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom Logo

Deutsche Telekom Logo

Operating out of Bonn, Germany, Deutsche Telekom is a leading telecommunication, information technology, information and entertainment and multimedia service provider. Its colorful logo invokes trustworthiness in the company’s communications and IT services.


Telefónica Communication Logo

Telefónica Communication Logo

Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Telefonica is an integrated telecom operator popular for offering exceptional communication and information services. The Telefonica logo clearly states company’s vision to please its customers with a broad spectrum of delight services.

9. SoftBank

Softbank Telecom Company Logo

Softbank Telecommunication Logo

SoftBank Corp. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is a company which provides services for information technology and telecommunication. It’s fairly simple telecommunication logo is intended to assure the audience that they have reached the right company for their communications’ requirements.

10. Vodafone Telecommunication Logo

Vodafone telecom logo

Vodafone Telecommunications

Vodafone Group is headquartered in UK and specializes in providing mobile telecom services. Its colorful speech mark logo symbolizes conversation and voice communication.

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