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Top 10 Impressive Medical and Pharmaceutical Logos for Your Inspiration

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Medical logo design
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Medical and pharmaceutical companies make for the most essential industry for mankind which is largely dependent on health and wellbeing. Quite naturally, there’s a cutthroat competition in the industry and medical and pharmaceutical companies fight tooth and claw to serve the global market. Every company seeks to stand out of the crowd and get consumers’ attention. No wonder, branding remains so critical and complex for pharmaceutical and medical companies.

This is where branding tools like logos come in. Logos serve as the symbol of a medical and pharmaceutical brand that consumers connect with. The purpose of such medical and pharmaceutical logo design is to indicate the core services, specialties and even values of the brand. In fact, medical and pharmaceutical logos are renowned to use popular colors that evoke emotions of care, concern and freshness.

Here’s a carefully compiled collection of top 10 medical and pharmaceutical logos that offer an extravagant dose of inspiration

1. Heart Training Center

medical and pharmaceutical logos

[Source: webneel.com]

2. Pharmastrategies Medical Logo

pharmaceutical logo[Source: blueblots.com]

3. Medica Ventures

pharmaceutical logos design

[Source: Dribble.com]

4. Premium Health & Medical Care

Premium medical and pharmaceutical logos

[Source: logopond.com]

5. PageMed

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medical and pharmaceutical logo[Source: blog.logoswish.com]

6. Health Care – Medical Logo

medical and pharmaceutical logos[Source: webdesign.org]

7. Heart Hospital (Medical & Pharmaceutical Logo)

Heart hospital - medical and pharmaceutical logos[Source: blogof.francescomugnai.com]

8. Netmedic

Netmedic medical and pharmaceutical logos

[Source: blogof.francescomugnai.com]

9. The Food Doc

The Food Doc pharmaceutical Logos[Source: designmodo.com]

10. Women’s Health Plus

Medical and Pharmaceutical Logos[Source: webneel.com]

Coming up with a great medical and pharmaceutical logos is easier said than done. With dramatic upsurge in the number of medical discoveries, it is tougher than ever to find a logo that boasts a fresh, unique and creative concept. But it’s important to remember that only a fresh, unique and creative logo can translate to higher consumer interest and sales which are necessary for a company’s success. And the most logical step to procure such a design is to hire a reputable design firm. However, medical and pharmaceutical startups typically don’t have the kind of bulging budgets to say shell out more than $1000 for a professional logo.

This is why world’s largest and most reliable custom design crowdsourcing platform, Designhill offers an optimal solution to such startups and small businesses. With logo design contests at Designhill, you get the kind of logo you need for your medical and pharmaceutical company at rates that won’t clean out your company’s bank account.

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