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Top 10 Nightclub And Bar Logos For 2016

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design - 5 min read

Logo Design

Last updated on February 2nd, 2017

Since time immemorial, logo design has been amongst the most powerful marketing tools available to both businesses and individuals. But creating a logo design that is attractive, unique and has the appeal to catch the fancy of onlookers is an extremely tough job. And this job gets even tougher when it comes to designing nightclub & bar logos for your business, as your logo will have to compete with many others in this crowded niche. It is vital to ensure that your nightclub & bar logos stands out and looks professional, flashy, and vibrant with eye-catching graphics to instantly draw the attention of pub-crawlers and night animals encouraging them to visit your bar & nightclub.

Here is list of top 10 hottest nightclub & bar logos.

1. XS at Encore

Nightclub and bar logos
XS night club

Topping the chart for hottest nightclub & bar logos for 2016, the logo for XS nightclub is a classic example of great font use and brilliant color scheme, with a classy look that is memorable. The logo stand outs with the name of the company featured in bold golden typeface.

2. Marquee at Cosmopolitan

Nightclub and bar logos
Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

The flashy, vibrant and eye-catching logo of Marquee nightclub is yet another classic example of a classy nightclub & bar logos that never fails to impress and inspire. The brilliant use of flashy color,
simpleton fonts and the memorable graphic makes it stand out from the crowd of the typical nightclub logos.

3. Hakkasan at MGM Grand

Nightclub and bar logos
Hakkasan Las Vegas Restaurant And Nightclub

Yet another memorable nightclub & bar logo design that never fails to impress onlookers is Hakkasan nightclub’s unique logo. This brilliant logo uses simple fonts, classy color scheme and unique graphics making it easy to understand why this logo is so memorable and easily recalled by most night crawlers and party animals.

4. Tao at The Venetian

Nightclub and bar logos
Tao Las Vegas

It would be difficult not to talk about Tao logo when talking about top 10 nightclub & bar logos of 2016. Tao at the Venetian in Las Vegas is one of the most sought after nightlife destination in the USA and continues to draw humongous crowds with its globally recognized nightlife scene. This nightclub-restaurant-lounge’s logo inspires with its simple color scheme and brilliant spacing between the letters.

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5. Surrender at Encore

Nightclub and bar logos
Surrender AT Encore

Popular American bar & nightclub, Surrender at Encore uses A-list DJs, decadent outdoor venue and an exceptional logo design to rank high on the popularity polls amongst after dark enthusiasts. This logo is a great example of a professional and stylish text only logo design. The eye-soothing color and brilliant spacing between the letters makes this logo classic and unique.

6. LIV Miami Beach

Nightclub and bar logos

Located in Miami, LIV Miami Beach is yet another popular nightlife hotspot that made headlines with its logo in the year 2016. The nightclub’s logo inspires with its contrasting yet simpler color scheme and the brilliant use of line spacing. Done in classic black and white color, the logo is unique, appealing and mesmeric in equal measures.

7. Pure At Caesar’s Palace

Nightclub and bar logos
PURE Nightclub

Rocking America since 2004, Pure at Caesar’s Palace is yet another popular nightclub that made news in the year 2016 with its logo. The logo for Pure is simple and text based and is well done in the choice of font and contrasting color scheme.

8. Story Miami Beach

Nightclub and bar logos
Story Nightclub

STORY Nightclub is a popular nightclub in the USA that caters to the wealthy and elite clientele. This hot nightclub not only boasts bright strobe lights, top DJs, grooving music and a staggering clientele but also an exceptional logo. This logo ranks alongside the top 10 nightclub & bar logos as it exudes chic vibes and modish appeal, contemporary font and eye-pleasing color scheme.

9. DragonFly

Nightclub and bar logos
Dragonfly Nightclub

Set in the Home of Hollywood, Los Angeles, DragonFly is a popular nightclub that features a simple yet interesting text based logo. The fancy typeface conveys the message of unlimited fun and endless jamboree, while the use of color red in the logo exudes emotions of youthfulness and energy.

10. Vanity

Nightclub and bar logos

One of Orlando’s plushest and most elegant nightclubs, Vanity owns a logo that deserves a special reference in the list of top 10 hottest nightclub & bar logos in the USA. With a design that incorporates elements both warm and sleek, the logo challenges the typical American club and nightclub logos.
It’s vital to strike the right balance between vibrant imagery with soothing colors to create an effective nightclub and bar logos. Hopefully, these logo designs have filled you with inspiration to get a unique and mesmeric nightclub & bar logos for your business. So, if you’re looking for an inspiring logo to give a boost to your bar and nightclub business, do well to start a logo design contest at Designhill.

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