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Top 10 Cosmetics and Beauty Logos in 2014

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cosmetic and beauty logos

Last updated on December 14th, 2017

Most people will agree that images are everything in today’s highly competitive cosmetics and beauty industry. In fact, every customer who seeks to hire the services of a cosmetics and beauty harbors a desire to look fabulous by the time they leave. And if you strongly believe that your company can make your customers look their best, then your beauty logos must effectively show that without fail.

Here, we have listed top 10 inspiring cosmetic and beauty logos of some of the most popular beauty and cosmetic companies of the year 2014. The creativity, popularity and admiralty of these top-notch logos are waiting to be shaken up by someone who can redefine the sense of design with originality, ingenuity and style.

Here is your latest dosage of top-notch cosmetic and beauty logos of their businesses. So, let your creative juices flowing!

1. Dove

Cosmetic and beauty logo

The Dove logo clearly represents that company has been named after the mythic golden dove. The exceptional fonts and the symbol of dove in the logo typify the message of peace, beauty and gentleness. In addition, the golden color of the dove in the logo gives a hint of sophistication. It is indeed a wonderful logo for a company that has carved its own niche in the beauty world with its fabulous beauty logos and products.

2. Astonish

cosmetic and beauty logos

Astonish is a popular cosmetic brand that specializes in hair products and their logo represents that aesthetically. The bold typeface for the name of the company and well proportionate symbol ensures that the both the image and company name share the limelight in equal measures. The black and white color scheme makes it easy to focus on the company name without any other distractions.

3. Mac

cosmetic and beauty logos

Mac is yet another leading cosmetic and beauty products maker. Company’s wordmark logo is simple yet stylish and features each letter directly connected to the next. The color combination adds to the overall plushness and classiness of the logo.

4. Pantene Pro V

Cosmetics Logos

Now, who doesn’t know Pantene! Its logo focuses primarily on the company name in a dark bold font. In addition, the lustrous gold waves add to overall style quotient of this wonderful logo.

5. Sephora

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cosmetic and beauty logos

Well, Sephora’s logo is another logo that evokes classiness, sophistication and plushness. With its simple fonts, simpler color scheme and the image if white streak, this emblem logo shows how a simple beauty logos can become highly memorable and sought after.

6. L’Oreal

cosmetic and beauty logos

L’Oréal is beauty and cosmetic industry biggie and deals with skin care, hair color, sun protection, make-up, perfumes and hair care products. It is now the biggest player in the world market, all thanks to its wonderful logo. Its logo is among the most popular and instantly recognizable beauty logos in the cosmetics industry. This text based logotype features company’s name in a stylish yet legible style of typography. The fonts used in the logo are sans-serif in upper-case characters. The white color in the logo indicates that the company makes pure, reliable and sophisticated products.

7. Nivea

cosmetic and beauty logos

Nivea is a skin and body care brand popular globally. Nivea logo is known for its eye-catching blue color. The iconic blue colored logo features company’s name in bold, stylish yet legible style of typography. This unique logo adds to the overall popularity of the brand. No wonder, it ranks alongside some of the instantly recognizable beauty logos in the cosmetics industry worldwide.

8. Chanel

cosmetic and beauty logos

Well known French fashion house, Chanel is popular for its groundbreaking simple-line and minimalist designed logo. It consists of two interlocked and opposing letters “C” that form the name of the company’s founder. The black color and the custom typeface of the famous logo symbolize elegance, elitism, sophistication and plushness related to the brand. Chanel logo is widely dubbed as one of the most influential lifestyle and beauty logos in the fashion and cosmetic industry.

9. Estee Lauder

cosmetic and beauty logos

Popular personal care products maker, Estée Lauder features a minimalist yet stylish logo to represent its brand. This simple wordmark logo reflects the sophistication and elegance of the products offered by the company. The blue color of the logo symbolizes quality, solidity and elegance and the white color in the logo portrays noblesse, brilliance and pureness.

10. Avon

cosmetic and beauty logos

Avon is a popular American personal beauty and cosmetics brand for women. The word mark logo of Avon features minimalist design. Using two colors – pink and black, this logo represents class, elegance and quality of the brand.

After a careful look through these top 10 logos for some of the most popular beauty and cosmetic companies of the year 2014, one may easily understand that these brands with their extensive cosmetic and beauty logos need not be highly colorful and adorned to look professional. However, it is significant to get fresh new creative logos designed by professionals make its mark in this competitive market.


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